Details of new champion Sigma in Overwatch

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Overwatch launches new general Sigma, a super tanker with remarkable strength that is a valuable addition to Overwatch’s list of generals in the context of the game’s lack of pure tanker generals, the following article will introduce the new champion in detail. Sigma in Overwatch.

details of every sigma in overwatch

Details of new champion Sigma in Overwatch

Although the MOBA Overwatch shooter is no longer hot in the Asian market, it is still a competitive game that is played by a large number of European and North American gamers every day. So it’s understandable that developer/publisher Blizzard Entertainment continues to release new champions.

The new general this time is called Sigma, a great scientist who will act as a steel shield for teammates similar to the previous two generals Reinhardt and Orisa. This is a valuable addition to the game because Overwatch inherently lacks pure tanker generals with only the two generals mentioned above. If 1 champion is banned in the game, the other champion will also be colored by default.

Has a 3-star control difficulty because of its low mobility, but in return, Sigma possesses a powerful composite skill set that can both support teammates and cause extremely annoying attacks to the enemy. . Sigma’s weakness lies in its height, this is the tallest champion and even bigger than Reinhardt, so Sigma’s hitbox is very large, accompanied by low mobility that makes Sigma’s dog almost no way out of the siege. dangerous, but in return with high health and 2 strong defensive skills will help Sigma stand up to the enemy and be a formidable opponent that no one wants to have to confront head-on.

details about every sigma in overwatch 2

The details of Sigma’s skill set and how to use it are as follows:

1. Hyperspheres – Use left mouse to cast

Sigma shoots 2 charged gravity spheres in his hand, which bounce off a wall and then explode for a short period of time. The explosion will deal damage in a wide radius. This skill is extremely beneficial in tight environments such as hallways and rooms. No opponent will dare to confront Sigma directly in these areas if they do not want to push up in just 2-3 shots. But the player himself must also be careful because the 2 charged orbs when exploding can damage Sigma himself if standing within the explosion radius.

2. Experimental Barrier – Use right mouse button to cast

Sigma creates a long energy shield that blocks all incoming damage similar to Reinhardt’s shield. However, if Reinhardt needs to carry his shield around, Sigma can fix this shield in a certain position. Just hold down the right mouse button, the shield will appear in front of you and keep holding to push the shield away gradually, release and hold the right mouse button, the shield will stop and be fixed at that position. This will help Sigma to promptly protect his teammates even if they are behind. More specifically, you can create this shield in mid-air, which will help protect teammates with the ability to fly overhead.

3. Kinetic Grasp – Use left Shift key to cast

Sigma uses energy to block all types of damage enemies shoot towards him, converting that damage into energy and transforming into a layer of armor that surrounds his body. The player holds shift to block the opponent’s bullets, after a period of time Sigma will absorb the bullet and convert it into additional armor for the body. This skill makes Sigma a living shield on the battlefield.

details about every sigma in overwatch 3

4. Accretion – Use the E key to cast

Sigma uses gravity to suck up debris to form a stone block that shoots forward, dealing damage and knocking back enemies. The player holds the E key to suck up debris, the longer the larger the block, the greater the damage (with a certain limit). Then release the E key to shoot towards the opponent, the rock block will follow an arc, so for distant enemies, you need to aim higher than that person’s standing position. This skill is extremely useful when fighting enemies in areas near cliffs, just one accurate shot can push the enemy down the cliff.

5. Gravitic Flux – Ultimate skill, use the Q key to cast when full of mana

Sigma flies high, pouring all of its gravity energy into a radius below the ground, lifting enemies in that radius and throwing it to the ground dealing massive damage. In particular, if the enemy is lifted in a low height position, the enemy will take 2 times damage due to once being lifted and hit an obstacle above and once being thrown down. Gravitic Flux has a cast time of 5 seconds, so players must calculate it quite accurately to be able to lift as many enemy champions as possible. During the time of being lifted, the enemy champion will be unable to do anything, giving his teammates the opportunity to freely deal damage and Sigma himself can still use Hyperspheres while developing this skill. This is a wide-area skill that is both capable of controlling and dealing extremely effective damage that is indispensable in every match.

Above is all the details about the new champion Sigma in Overwatch – Sigma, an interesting champion with a powerful skill set that will change the current meta of Overwatch.
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