Tips to get the fastest free M24 PUBG Mobile gun skin

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PUBG Mobile VN has officially updated to the latest version 0.14.0 with a series of attractive content, including the Infinity Tactics mission that gives PUBG Mobile players many free rewards, and the M24 gun skin also.

In PUBG Mobile version 0.14.0 appeared with a lot of interesting content such as the new Zombile Mode, Victor character with the ability to quickly reload, events and many other topics for players to participate in and receive rewards.

meow free skin sung m24 pubg mobile fastest
M24 gun skin is extremely beautiful

The fastest strategy to get free gun skin M24 PUBG Mobile

As mentioned above, PUBG Mobile version 0.14.0 has a massively grotesque Stage V Achievement quest chain system. Players will have to spend a lot of time to complete and receive rewards in that sequence of events. One of the events that players are most interested in is Infinity Strategy (I – V), the fastest way to get FREE M24 PUBG Mobile gun skin.

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To be able to get the fastest PUBG Mobile M24 gun skin, gamers need to complete or reach important milestones like playing 5/20/50/100/200 Infinity Mode matches. A method used by many gamers today is

– First you need to start the game
– Next, go to Infinity Mode and choose the new Zombie mode that appears in PUBG Mobile version 0.14.0
– When the game is started (the word Round 1) appears => immediately exit the game. At this point, the system will automatically record that you have completed 1 match in Infinity Mode.
– Do this about 200 times and you will complete the task and get the fastest M24 PUBG Mobile gun skin.

meow free skin sung m24 pubg mobile fastest 3
Infinity Tactics Mission System

With the above method, it will take you quite a while (about 4-5 hours) to complete 200 Infinity Mode matches, the gift for those who persevere is the extremely beautiful M24 PUBG Mobile gun skin. In addition, you can also open the chest to receive the M24 gun skin, with the price of 60 UC / opening – 540 UC / 10 openings if you are a giant.
Thus, Taimienphi has just shown you how to get the fastest M24 PUBG Mobile gun skin for free, it only takes a little time for you to get the gun skin instead of having to open hundreds of boxes that are unlikely to be. If you don’t know the version yet PUBG Mobile 0.14.0 what’s newPlease refer to our article for specific information.

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