Despite the wind and rain, Offline Tru Tien Hanoi was full of gamers to attend

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The evening of August 24, the big party offline Tru Tien 3D The northern area called “We wait for people to drink together” was held in anticipation of a large number of gamers. Although, the weather was not favorable when a heavy rain appeared near the time of the program, but with the love of the community for Tru Tien 3D during the past 2 years, there were hundreds “rainy team” gamers come to the big offline meeting in the North – this only happens once a year.


This offline session is a rare opportunity for players in the Northern region to have the opportunity to meet after a long time together “conquer” in the world of Tru Tien 3D.

Nearly 1000 gamers gathered at the big offline meeting in the North.

Many players, even though they used to attend offline sessions in the South, now do not hesitate to book air tickets and come to attend with their brothers in Hanoi. Although it has been released for 2 years, Tru Tien 3D still retains the rare charm that no other MMORPG can match.

At Tru Tien, even though it is only a virtual world, the brotherhood and friendship are always real and the best quality.

A lot of gamers came very early to be one of the first to check in of the program. They excitedly shook hands with their friends in the game and pulled together to take souvenir photos. Of course, coming to such an offline game session, valuable rewards will be indispensable. Millions of Gold Coins and Gold Keys were distributed to gamers right at the offline session.


Many rare items have been given to players as a way for the Tru Tien 3D game operation team to be grateful for their support and companionship during the past 2 years.

True to the meaning of the saying “We wait for people to drink together”, by the enthusiasm and enthusiasm that the organizing team has for gamers. Nearly 1,000 players had the opportunity to raise a glass together to celebrate the strong development of Tru Tien 3D during the past 2 years.


Adapted from the fanciful fairy tale based on the work of the same name by writer Tieu Dinh, Tru Tien 3D has classic details and the game’s content is reproduced as closely as possible with the novel – action version. The process of growing up as an ordinary teenager in a fantasy world.

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