It took an hour to level up crazy hard, gamers painfully received the most “junk” item in the game

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Fallout 76 got off to a bad start when constantly getting into heavy “scams”. From poor game quality, poor content to expensive collectibles with mutilated materials, Fallout 76 is truly a forgettable note in the history of the series. RPG most popular in the virtual world. However, Fallout 76’s darkest days have partly passed as the developer gradually added and improved the game’s content over time, partly responding to the faith of the fans.

However, when Fallout 76 is gradually returning, suddenly the game encounters another “mission”, this time a technical error that affects the rewards that gamers receive from the “endgame” activity.


For those of you who don’t know, RPG games that focus on leveling and loot mechanics often have “Endgame” activities with extremely difficult levels. This is a place that allows high-level gamers to challenge themselves and receive the biggest items up to the present time. Fallout 76 also has a similar activity called Vault 94, an area that the Bethesda development team recommends is only for gamers with Level 50 over with a party of 4 people.

Therefore, to destroy this area, gamers have to spend a lot of time and effort, but in return are extremely valuable rewards. That is also what gamer Kaelynath and 3 teammates did when they defeated the terrorist Boss of Vault 94. However, while 3 of his friends received “Legendary 3-star” level items, Kaelynath, like a slap in the face, received a drill no less.

Yes, a drill to be exact. A true drill, an item that appears rampant in the world of Fallout 76 with only “mosquito repellent” damage. Posted on the Reddit forum, Kaelynath could only exclaim: “F*** you, Bethesda” in a bored way. In fact, this is not a random bad luck that happens to this gamer, but in fact is a technical error on the part of the developer that makes the “drill” item sometimes fall out of the boss.


After being published in many famous newspapers, Bethesda also spoke about this issue:

As well as a consolation for the less fortunate gamer, a member of the Reddit forum offered to buy the drill with a decent amount of money in the game, at least get something after so much work. plowing power. However, Fallout 76 gamers should also look at this as a community success as their voices prompted Bethesda to immediately respond to this ridiculous bug.​

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