PUBG brand new Map, add Report Hacker function

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Despite being directly competed by Fortnite but PUBG Still the hottest game at the moment. However, we still can’t deny that PUBG seems to be showing signs of slowing down when it doesn’t offer new content since the release of version 1.0. All that the team develops Bluehole done from December last year until now is only correcting the problems that arise in the game.


However, today, the story is different when Bluehole has officially announced the new Map of PUBG. Accordingly, the Korean development team said that the new map of the game will be officially launched before June 2018. This will be good news for PUBG fans, especially when the Miramar desert map is inherent. did not meet many expectations from the gaming community.


Specifically, the new Map with many features and never-seen-before content will be revealed by PUBG in March before officially “airing” before June. With Erangel with a temperate setting and Miramar with a desert breath … many gamers speculate that PUBG’s new Map can take players to a snowy scene.

Along with that, PUBG also added a new Report mechanism. Accordingly, if the Report is through the Replay mechanism, the development team will receive the Replay file with a total duration of 1 minute. This file will calculate the center point as the time you start the Report. Therefore, if you detect a suspicious account, you should pay attention to the time before and after that account has bad behavior.


Besides, PUBG also has changes in gameplay and security system to prevent Tool Hack from allowing players to heal or boost faster than usual. This will be good news for gamers because this Tool Hack is harder to detect by ordinary gamers in the match.

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