New Grand Master VNG: NPH VNG launches a week of exciting events

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Recently, New Grand Master VNG just released a brand new version of Big Update Hoang Kim Lenh, attracting a lot of attention from gamers. Besides the appearance of three generals Kim Ngo Minh, Da De and Bach Thien Vu, features such as Ky Mon Ba Quai, Assistant Chi Chi are one of the hot features. Recently, to kick off the series of attractive events to celebrate the National Day, NPH has launched a series of welcome events with many incentives for gamers.

Application event (August 26 – 27): During the event, when reaching the top-up milestones, gamers can receive a lot of attractive resources.​

  • Milestone 50,000: The Essence of Fire, Weird Food – Precious, Divinity of Darkness
  • Milestone 100,000: Red Equipment Piece – Optional, Thousand Year Lingzhi, Tinh Tie Peak
  • Milestone 200,000: Essence of Fire, Strange Food – Precious, Secret Secret
  • Milestone 500,000: Optional Purple 7VK Set, Thousand Year Snake Honey, Weird Food – Precious
  • Milestone 1,000,000: Red Equipment Fragment – Optional, New Edition Spirit Beast – Optional, Elite Darkness

Lau Lan Ancient Citadel (August 26 – 28): Gamers participate in the Time Limit -> Castle Lau Lan section to participate in the event. During the activity, gamers who spend 1 KNB will accumulate 1 Lau Lan Coin. Use Lau Lan Coins to be able to exchange a lot of rare items.

Note: Lau Lan Coins will be deleted after the end of the activity, not accumulating activities later


Shake Shake (August 27 – 29): The masters can participate in the event at the Time limit -> Shake Shake section. You can join 2 times per day. After starting, within 8 seconds, gamers perform the action of shaking their phones, the more shakes they can receive, such as Kim Nguyen Bao, Silver, Tu Luyen Du and Hiep. Soul.

Shake event will appear at S1 – S55


Cumulative Deposit (August 28 – 29): Join at Time Limit -> Accumulated Gifts. During the event, the masters who have accumulated enough KNB will receive rewards


Do not forget that the event time is quite short, so gamers do not miss this opportunity!

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