Decode the terrifying secrets of the Dark Souls 3 series (P.2)

Cot truyen DS3 P2 0 - Emergenceingame

As mentioned in the previous section, as the Flame fades, a bell will be rung to wake the Lords of Cinder from their tombs, to remind them of their duties. They refused, and from the ashes our protagonist, an unnamed Unkindle, a ghost of the past, will awaken to force the Lords of Cinder to fulfill his duty. The place where we awaken is called the Cemetery of Ash.​

Each time the Flame is about to die, the Undead curse rises again, and we recognize its existence through the “residents” living in this graveyard. Among them, was a cursed guardian who had long since turned into a Hollow. That guardian stood guard at the gate of Firelink Shrine, an altar to make connection with Fire. Although he has become a Hollow, he still has a bit of reason left, still standing there to test whether the Unkindles are worthy of his task or not. In fact, he was also once an Unkindle who woke up too late and never met his Firekeeper.​


Passing the guard, we will have the right to enter the Firelink Shrine, where a Firekeeper of our own awaits. It’s a beautiful girl with blind eyes who will give us strength, as well as tell us about our obligations. In this place, a Lord of Cinder was already seated on his throne, and it was also the only one willing to perform his duties, Ludleth the Exiled. Ludleth had been connected to the Flame since a long time ago, and despite his small stature, was still worthy of being a Sovereign after all.​


The second Lord that we have to face, is not actually a person, but a group of people. They are Farron’s Immortal Legion, brave warriors fighting against the Abyss. Adhering to that undying belief, they were all linked together to create a soul strong enough to become Lord of Cinder. However, these warriors, who were also known as the Abyss Watcher, did not accept their duty to prolong the Flame, as they still had another responsibility engraved in their hearts. Heart: Stop the Abyss.​


Fighting the Abyss was not easy, for even though the warriors had become Lord of Cinder, it still had a way of eroding them. This is also an advantage for our protagonist, because when a warrior is corroded, his teammates will prioritize destroying him. Taking advantage of this, we will defeat them, and complete ¼ of our mission.

Yhorm the Giant – The Lord of Cinder who sacrificed everything for his people

The third (or fourth, depending on the player’s choice) Lord of Cinder we face, is Yhorm the Giant, a great king who served as shield and spear to protect his people. The city of Yhorm was once prosperous, until the sudden appearance of the Flame of Greed. In fact, if you haven’t forgotten, this is the flame created in the Witch Izalith’s attempt to prolong the light (Dark Souls first). This Flame instantly destroyed the city of Yhorm, turning its inhabitants into mad demons. In order to put an end to this accident, Yhorm connected himself with the Flame to become Lord of Cinder. Unfortunately, this effort is still too late, and Yhorm is now alone, while his mind is also slowly fading. Defeat Yhorm, and the player will receive a second Cinder of a Lord, which will replace the Lords to prolong the Flame.


After ending the pain of Yhorm, the player will once again be exposed to the Abyss, or at least a part of it, The Deep. The Deep has a Saint, and it is also the fourth Lord of Cinder, Aldrich – Saint of the Deep. Aldrich, formerly a respected minister, became insane and began to crave human flesh. Because of this madness, Aldrich was forced by the rulers of the time to connect with the Flame. Unfortunately, he is too powerful, and instead of turning to ashes, he is resurrected as a Lord of Cinder. Aldrich sees images of the Old Gods (the age of Gwyn), and begins to yearn to devour them. The Old Gods were all dead now, but their children remained, and became the prey that Aldrich coveted.

(To be continued)

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