Spring and Autumn Chien Quoc Mobile – Genuine super product “I am weak but my brothers are many”

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As a rule of nature, strength and weakness in the game are mostly determined through battle force. The higher the battle strength, the greater the chance to stand at the TOP of the rankings, along with that is to shorten the distance of claiming to be in the world like never before.

However, for the most part with such games, gamers do not need to spend too much time investing. The power of the “magic dollar” will help evenly develop features that increase combat power. Therefore, in the midst of chaos or PK battles, with full equipment from head to toe, just opening the auto can easily get achievements. This has partly made the “ploughmen” inferior even in any war.

Grasping that mentality, quite a few mobile games have made adjustments, as well as integrated more features to reduce the distance between players. And with Warring States Spring and Autumn – the latest national war role-playing product from NPH Gamota then anyone can turn strong and take the throne to unify the world.


On my official fanpage at address https://www.facebook.com/xuanthu.gamota/Although not yet released, gamers can learn a lot of interesting information about this game such as top 3D graphics, unique sect system, unique National War mode…

But above all, what makes players most interested and curious is that Xuan Thu Chien Quoc Mobile does not distinguish VIP level, just needs a strong clan. There are brothers, there are people – it can be said that Xuan Thu Chien Quoc Mobile greatly appreciates the unity of the family, the more numerous, the more actively participating in activities together, the easier the path to the throne will be. time out.


Xuan Thu Chien Quoc Mobile is heavily invested in community activities to improve interaction between players, especially this connection is shown at many different levels, small groups or groups. clans, big clans to nation states. It is no longer an individual battle, but has become a fierce battle where each individual represents his or her collective. Every sacrifice is blood, a dedication, a contribution to the great cause. The reward now is not only exp, items, power or status, but also priceless emotions after being immersed in the crowd, rolling on the battlefield, side by side with the brothers and bravely confronting them. with the enemy.


Following the classic motif of the national war game series, Warring States Spring and Autumn Mobile allowing gamers to participate in the war of the eight kingdoms of war, experience the earthquakes to separate the world. But before that, gamers also need to improve their own combat power through leveling activities, enhancing equipment to be able to become a strong general in the field!

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