Planning to start filming a private movie about “Joker’s lover”

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The film directed by David Ayer – Suicide Squad released last year has achieved remarkable achievements in terms of both box office and fame in the movie world. It is also this movie that makes actress Margot Robbie the most beloved comic book character, through her role Harley Quinn – lover of Joker. After Suicide Squad ended, there were also rumors that the producer had started working on plans to make their own movie about Harley Quinn nThere is no specific information yet. Recently, in an interview, actress Margot Robbie finally revealed that the movie is in the process of preparing to start filming.


Margot Robbie said, she not only continues to play the character Harley Quinn in this solo film, but also participated in the production of the film. Not only that, the actress also contributed many new ideas to the movie project about “the lover of Joker“Accordingly, Margot Robbie thinks that it is advisable to let other female characters appear to add more interesting details to the film. Since then, Wonder Woman released, it can be seen that the films about “female hosts” (films focusing on female and feminist characters) are still not picky about viewers, but on the contrary, are extremely loved and collected by fans. about great success.

Beautiful actress Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn

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