The unexpected endings of Marvel’s villains (P.2)

5. Loki

Once upon a time, after a bloody victory over the Ice Giants of Jotunheim (one of the nine worlds of the Tree Of World), Odin went to examine his loot and accidentally discovered a newborn baby. was born an Ice Giant but was as small as an Asgardian. That child was Loki, the son of the Ice Giant King Laufey, but his father, ashamed of his son’s smallness, hid Loki. Odin brought Loki home and raised him with his biological son Thor. On the surface, Odin always tells his two children that as long as they keep trying, everyone has a chance to inherit the throne.” class=”lazy bbCodeImage LbImage” alt='[​IMG]’/>​

However, with his intelligent nature and deep thinking, from a young age, Loki realized that Thor was always loved and favored by Odin and the kingdom of Asgard. Loki begins to get naughty and naughty, all stemming from an implicit jealousy of Odin and his family’s love for Thor. In the original comic book, Loki is almost simply the God of Trick, sometimes teasing people, sometimes sparking war. However, when bringing Loki to the screen, it became more different. Not only that, in Thor 2he was gradually converted and came to Thor 3 then he made the right choice on Thor’s side. Many people think that the fact that a villain who is always jealous of Thor and many tricks like Loki is eventually quickly converted is a bit disappointing.


6. Kaecilius

The name Kaecilius appears in the movie Dr. Strange once caused a great surprise to the comic fan community Marvel, because he is just a very minor character in the original, with the main role of Mordo’s minions. He once directly confronted Dr.Strange in the comics, but also because of the temporary power given to him by the owner. Choosing Kaecilius helps the film crew to unleash their creativity on the character. In the movie, he was once a student of the Ancient One, but due to disagreements, he left and pursued his own ideals. One of the most distinctive features of Kaecilius is his eyes that are always about to erupt like volcanoes, with the skin around them as if they are about to peel off. As a villain, however, Kaecilius originally did not want to follow evil, but because he was impatient, he went in the direction of destruction. “He’s just someone who believes differently from superheroes.”


7. Dormammu

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Dormamm is an evil created by magic, so he can use mysterious magical power in a formidable way, completely different from Dr. Strange. Dormammu is considered the king of demons and is especially hostile. Many times plotted to attack Dr.Strange but failed. The strength is off the table but also very stubborn and hardworking, from prison escape to space travel, he also does all sorts of things just to take revenge on Dr.Strange. However, at the end of the film, Dr.Strange uses Agamotto’s eye to create a time loop in the Dark Dimesion, allowing Dormammu to kill him over and over again. In the end, Dormammu could not stand it, so he agreed to Dr. Strange’s offer, giving up on destroying the earth. Perhaps this is an ending that makes a strong villain like Dormammu also have a “bad cry and laugh”.


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