[Review] Secret World Legends – Not just a shadow of The Secret World

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The Secret World is one of the most favored online games that has survived-in-the-end-times theme. Launched in July 2012, the game was considered one of the best MMORPG titles of the time. After five years of development, The Secret World has acquired a large and fast-growing community.


However, it seems that the success of The Secret World is not enough for Funcom – the developer of the game. Secret World Legends – the twin brother of this game has just opened its doors to allow a larger community of players to download for free. Secret World Legends is not a remake or an expansion version, it is a completely new game, with the same setting and gameplay, but superior in some categories.


An outstanding feature of both Secret World games is that players can combine all the skills they want to create their own combo. For Secret World Legends, at the beginning, player will be limited to an optional weapon. However, fought, they can unlock other weapons and learn the corresponding skills. In general, this limitation is to help new players not overwhelmed with massive skill set of the game.


Besides, if you own an account that has ever battled in The Secret World, then you link it to Secret World Legends, the character you create will be unlocked all the weapons in the game


Unlike the previous game, Secret World Legends has a target system that is similar to the shooter game series’, making the game more visual. Players can know their positions as well as their opponents’ positions, from it easier for players make decisions in combat.


Overall, if you have ever played The Secret World, you can quickly get used to the combat system of the Secret World Legends. And if you have not, enjoy it as a shooter game with many new supernatural skills.



The plot of The Secret World is a feature that has been highly appreciated, it remains in Secret World Legends. In the game, players will come to the ruined world of doomsday, when the mysterious power rises with the appearance of supernatural powers. Living in the world, player has no choice but to engage in a battle to survive.



Compared with the previous game that was released five years ago, Secret World Legends obviously has superior graphics. Lively world, massive weapons system and ‘good-looking’ monsters will be the ones that make it hard to keep your eyes off the screen.

In a nutshell, this is a pretty good game to play, if foreign language is not a problem for you.

The game is available for free download and play here: https://secretworldlegends.com/

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