Deadpool 2’s Most Useless Character Will Surprise You

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Deadpool 2 just released not long ago, offering extremely fiery action and a brand new cast of characters that will follow in the footsteps of the talkative mutant. And just as shown, these characters hold the power that is not inferior Deadpoolready to help you on your journey to stop the intentions of Cable.

Deadpool 2 trailer.


However, if you have watched the trailer or the movie, you can recognize a rather “special” character in the force X-Force that Deadpool summons. Yes, it’s Peter, who claims to be “I don’t know what the fuck..” and came here just because he saw the flyer. And in accordance with Deadpool style, the mutant immediately accepted Peter into his army. Soon after, we soon see how useless Peter is as he finds himself in front of mutants calling for rain and wind with immense power.


But it is possible that the Deadpool 2 trailer is trying to “hide” Peter because in fact this is one of the most dangerous mutants of X-Force. In the comic version, Peter – the idiot we see in the trailer, whose full name is Pete Wisdom… a spy and mutant with the ability to absorb heat and solar radiation to launch claws made of plasma from his hands. In addition to his supernatural powers, Pete Wisdom is also an extremely deep-minded person with excellent intelligence skills, which he has accumulated since he worked for MI6 and countless other organizations. Not that it was he who played the role of spiritual leader for X-Force for a long time.


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