The horror stories in the game are real in real life

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Watching a movie, reading a story book, playing a game… you are entering another world, living another life where you are adventured to fantasy lands. Those experiences bring you a variety of emotions, from joy, happiness .. to anger and fear. However, today we will only talk about fear, where horror products still haunt the minds of so many people..

But unlike genres like romance or action, horror always seems to carry a very far distance from real life. Many times when we watch movies or play games we think to ourselves “no, how can this be true, this is clearly just fiction..” However, after witnessing the following stories, part of you will have to think again..



Kholat is a title horror game survival released 2 years ago by the development team IMGN.PRO. The game is the story of an unknown character on the way to search for traces of a group of students who went missing at Kholat Syakhl in 1959. Kholat Syakhl in Russian means “Dead Mountain”, where few people know where he died. witnessed the death of 9 climbers. Yes it’s a true story, one of the scariest mysteries that the real world can’t explain.

There this climbing group set off with 10 people and most of them were students. However, before the date of departure, 1 person is forced to take a break because of unsecured health. The team planned to climb to the top of Mount Ortoten and would send a telegram to the school sports club no later than February 12. However, when the deadline passed too long, the rescue team was sent to search and discovered. A scary story happened at the Dyatlov Pass (the name of the leader of the group, which was later named after the pass). Here they found the camp of the group, where the bodies of all 9 people were discovered according to bizarre circumstances never seen before.


There the tent was torn from the inside suggesting that the crew members ran out for something, wearing only thin virtual pants, no socks, even only underwear. The bodies of 9 people were found in turn from the edge of the forest near the tent to the ravine 75 meters away from the original location, with some people losing part of their face, skull, tongue, eyes, etc. while others encountered damage. dynamics like being hit by a car. What makes them do that? What are the investigators’ explanations?

Town of Lights

Town of Light is a horror game released last year for gamers to step into an abandoned mental hospital from the early 20th century. But unlike many games that try to create a fictional place, Town of Light takes gamers to a real place.. Yes, it is the infamous Volterra mental hospital in Italy.

Built in Tuscany, the “Ospedale Psichiatrico di Volterra” houses 6000 patients – 6000 people who never left the hospital during their lifetime. People are locked behind bars for a multitude of “diseases” ranging from mild depression to moral degeneration.


The methods of treatment are also very … diverse and rich, from electric shock, poison testing, to intentional vegetative sleep. This hospital really does not give any kind of respect to its patients. With such cruel treatment, it is not understood whether the patients here will be cured or become even more unstable. Not so that Oreste Ferdinand Nannetti, a patient kept here for 14 years, has repeatedly engraved cryptic characters on the 180 square meters of Volterra’s inner courtyard wall.


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