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Part 1:


Thrasher Suit

5 years ago, Batman uncover the existence of the Court of Owls – a caveman organization that dates back to the earliest days of Gotham. With the help of Talon assassins, they attack Batman and his close allies. The climax is when the Court of Owls walks directly into the Batcave’s doorstep and tries to crush the heart of its Batman. But it’s all in the preparation of the Dark Knight… because the one we’re talking about is.. BATMAN.


As Emergenceingame.Com’s “Batman’s Hands Stained with Blood” series revealed, Court of Owls’ Talon assassins possess powerful healing powers, all thanks to an impure version of Dionesium. That’s why to allow himself, a mortal, to confront such supernatural forces directly, he needed a very special approach. Accordingly, the Dark Knight lowered the Batcave’s temperature to freezing to control the ability of the healing cells to work, partially blocking the power of Talon. Not only that, but Batman must equip a special armor called the Thrasher Suit, which allows him to withstand freezing temperatures as well as the ability to fight directly with the Court of Owls’ assassins.

Trinity Armor

This armor was born when the trio of Justice League first met. In that fateful event it was Wonder Woman, Superman and Batman who had to confront Ra’s al Ghul, Bizarro and Artemist. In terms of the relationship of forces, it was Superman who was supposed to welcome Bizzaro, but this time the task was in the hands of Batman. It is because he has to face an entity with insane power (not too close to Superman’s level), that Batman has to equip the armor called Trinity Armor.


Like the other armor, Trinity Armor allows Batman to increase strength and speed, as well as wear thick shells to withstand the frantic impact of Bizzaro’s punches. On top of that, it also carries special weapons such as titanium grids, mini grenades or ultraviolet lasers to control and distract Bizzaro. This armor was only meant to hold off the monster long enough for Superman to arrive, so it was soon destroyed.

Project Batman

The armor belonging to the “Batman project” actually does not belong to… Batman. It is a product of Power International Corporation in cooperation with the Gotham City Police Department. Its purpose is to be used after Batman… dies. After the events of Batman: Endgame, the image of the Dark Knight no longer exists and soon creates an opportunity for this project to come into operation. The main focus of the project is Jim Gordon.

Its goal is to allow Gordon to take the place of Batman in protecting Gotham, even though he doesn’t have the skill and strength of the original Batman. Therefore, Project Gotham’s armor works like a modern super robot, even more sophisticated than the armor ever built by Batman himself.


Specifically, on the shoulder of the armor is equipped with a multi-tasking missile launcher, including a warhead that deals damage, penetrates magic, launches tear gas as well as smoke. The arm part is also equipped with a small cannon with the ability to release heat and sound waves. The arm part of the armor can deploy a shield with the ability to withstand the impact of bombs, not to mention the legs are equipped with nitrous oxide thrusters and anti-gravity on all terrains. Simultaneously, it also allows users to observe the surrounding environment with night vision goggles and thermal sensors, effectively supported by an operating system capable of extremely fast response. All these cutting-edge technologies make Jim Gordon a true warrior, ready to challenge any threat in Gotham territory. The only thing that no one knows is that the company that made it, Power International, is secretly linked with the… Court of Owls.

DC One Million

DC One Million is a series about the DC world very.. very far in the future. There in the 853th century, a criminal named Xauron took control of Pluto – a planet designed specifically for the confinement of prisoners. Soon he slaughtered thousands of innocent lives while keeping the children of those killed bystanders. One of the children vowed never to let the crime happen again and began his journey to become the legendary superhero: Batman.


After years of training both physically and mentally, Batman One Million wears a famous armor designed with the most advanced technology. Although it looks quite old-fashioned, in fact it is equipped with very sophisticated toys. There it is equipped with camouflage, fire resistance, bearing frame and above all, integrated Batcomputer with 10 times the performance of the old version.

Batwing Armor

David Zavimbe is a boy born in the Republic of Congo, a country haunted by civil war for many years. David’s parents died of HIV/AIDS when he was very young… the reason why he became one of many children in the army. But after a while David fortunately escaped and became a policeman determined to serve his countrymen. At that time, Batman also officially launched the Batman Incorporated project, encouraging individuals around the world to put on the cloak of the Dark Knight.


During a visit to Tinasha, Batman immediately recruited David into his ranks with the new identity of Batwing. In order to assist him in the fight against crime, David was given a very advanced armor by Batman with the characteristic image of wings on his shoulders. Therefore, in addition to the ability to increase strength, speed and endurance for the wearer, it also allows Batwing to fly freely with the jet set behind. Version 2.0 of the Batwing is also equipped with a temporary first aid system, such as being able to detect broken bones and automatically lock the corresponding armor to support as a fixed skeleton. It is also equipped with a certain form of disguise under the eyes of ordinary people, not to mention the latter also has a nanobot sprayer that allows to treat wounds right on the battlefield.


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