Summary of the 5 best co-op games in the first quarter of 2018

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Without a doubt, Monster Hunter World is definitely a masterpiece not to be missed, especially for longtime fans of the “Monster Hunt” series. The vast world, stunning graphics, epic monsters… all contribute to creating a classic Monster Hunter game. As a hunter, you must complete a multitude of different quests, which often lead you to confront terrifying and amazing monsters. Hunting them, obtaining materials from them, to crafting and adding to an arsenal of 15 different types, each with their own fighting style is definitely a job that you will “do tirelessly”. “.


And, while you can do all of the above on your own, the best part is going on hunting trips with one or a few friends. Monster Hunter World will become even more amazing, as you swing your greatsword and slaughter monsters with the help of your teammates. Unsurprisingly, the game was voted one of the best co-op titles of 2018.

Pick up your gun and get ready for your thrilling adventure in Hope County, Montana. Here, in addition to the fresh air and beautiful natural scenery, you also have the opportunity to face a bunch of crazy “heretics” of Eden’s Gate. If that’s still not “enough”, then you should go to their “Father”, Joseph Seed, to listen to apocalyptic preaching and to be mutilated if careless.


Far Cry 5 is an open world, wild and dangerous game. The game’s single player mode is amazing, and make sure you give it a try. However, besides that, knocking down fanatical guys next to friends is also not a bad choice. The game supports 2-player mode, so that you and your friend can put an end to Eden’s Gate together. In addition, Arcade Mode with player-created maps will also be extremely interesting and new destinations, which you and your friends should definitely not miss.

Pirates are probably one of the most “romantic jobs” a kid can dream of, especially after watching the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. With Sea of ​​Thieves, you can finally make that dream come true, when you have the opportunity to sail in an open world, with rum, dry bones and endless treasures to discover and steal.


Unlike the two games mentioned above, Sea of ​​Thieves only really becomes interesting when paired with friends. Each group of pirates in the game can have up to 4 people, each person will have a different assignment that without one, everything will become very difficult. Conversely, once the team has enough, the group can do all kinds of things together, such as treasure hunting, or simply hunting other groups of pirates. All in all, Rare has built this game around co-op, and they’ve done a great job of it.

No game requires you to trust and be trusted by your teammates more than A Way Out. In the game, both will play Vincent and Leo, two convicts who are trying to escape from prison. The two have nothing in common, both in personality and motivation, but must work together if they want to regain their freedom.


A Way Out is played on a screen split in half by the two characters’ perspectives. Both will have to play at the same time to carry out their part in the escape plan, and are forced to “coordinate” with each other most of the time. Once something goes wrong, both will have to discuss to find a solution. Besides the coordination and trust, the game also contains good and memorable messages for anyone who has played it.

Attack On Titan sequel. The game continues what the anime left unfinished, and allows the player to experience the story for themselves. You can create your own character and join the Survey Corps, slaying various Giants to preserve life within the walls. The plot of the game is quite linear, guiding the player to certain goals, usually destroying the Giants. In general, even if you are an extremely demanding person, the single player part of the game can be considered as a practice step before entering the “main course”: the co-op section.


In the co-op section, players will have the opportunity to team up and complete the types of missions that the game assigns. What’s better than taking down the ugly Giants with your best friends? The game also features a PvP mode where two groups of warriors compete to see who can defeat the Giants first. Best of all, the game even has a gameplay section that allows you to play the role of Giants eating man-eaters, destroying cities and smashing hordes of “flies” warriors. All in all, Attack on Titan 2 will be an unforgettable experience for you and your friends, especially when the whole group is a fan of this classic manga.

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