Giant super sharks slaughter in Jason Statham’s new movie

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Jason Statham perhaps the only movie star that still follows the old action movie motif with the plot revolving around heroic characters who shoot super martial arts alone against layers of enemies. That is also what attracts fans around the world to follow the super products of this British star.


However, 2018 will see Jason Statham go in a new direction with the film The Meg with the theme of ancient monsters under the ocean. Yes you did not hear wrong, The Meg looks to a deep ocean where ancient creatures sleep under the seabed.. Until one day suddenly these creatures wake up, taking on their giant size. Hunting after millions of years of absence. Jonas Taylor – a rescue diver, suddenly finds himself trapped in an underwater research area and takes on the task of rescuing all scientists who are trapped here.

The Meg It is slated to release on August 10 of this year. All information will be updated by Emergenceingame.Com for readers as soon as possible.

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