Panicked with Black Desert Mobile’s “crazy” graphics

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Black Desert Online already famous as a title MMORPG terror with great graphics on PC, emitting strong heat on online game believers around the world. Because of such a strong attraction, when Black Desert suddenly announced the Mobile version.. countless gamers could not sit still in their seats.


However, many people still have doubts about Black Desert’s playing field, thinking that the Mobile version will be simplified graphics and become a product that makes money no more. But now these people know they were wrong because recently Black Desert Mobile has just officially released its first Gameplay Trailer… blows away all eyes with its terrible graphics effects.

The gameplay trailer of Black Desert Mobile in addition to showing the crazy graphics platform in the mobile game village also shows us the combat mechanism of each Class in the game. There gamers can witness firsthand the strength of the Warrior, the speed of the Ranger, the brutality of the Giant, the magical power of the Witch as well as the skill of the shield of Valkyrie. No matter which Class you choose, players still feel the burning fire through each move and the ground-driving force of the bloodthirsty skill sets on the screen.


Not only showing the meticulousness in the combat system, Black Desert Mobile also for gamers to experience an extremely large open world environment with the ability to travel freely anytime, anywhere. Along with that, the game also has a series of side activities for players to temporarily put down their swords and rest in peace. From fishing, gathering resources to training pets.. Black Desert Mobile really builds a miniature society right in the palm of your hand.


After this very hot trailer Black Desert Mobile will officially open on November 23 here. As soon as the game has an official download address, Emergenceingame.Com will update readers as soon as possible.​

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