VLTKm – Covering the entire tourism state of Nha Trang, what did Miss Sella Truong say when she was said to be a PR stunt?

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From day to day, the community of players Martial Arts Mobile could not help but stir up some information about Miss Cinema 2016 Sella Truong covering the whole state to travel to Nha Trang to celebrate her birthday. Many of them commented that this Miss is trying to use money to PR for herself.


Speaking more about Sella Truong, she is the female leader of the Evil Chicken of the state of Xing Ba – server 31, a famous name of the online gaming community, especially VLTK Mobile with a “terrible” fighting force, always in the TOP of the table. ratings.


It is known that the trip to Nha Trang of the state of Xing Ba last weekend was covered by Miss Sella Truong herself. For the reason of celebrating an early birthday, this beautiful female boss also wants this to be an opportunity for members of the state to have the opportunity to meet and meet. The trip lasted for 3 days, the whole state of Xing Ba with more than 40 members together visited Yangbay locations, An Vien luxury resort and Binh Ba island. An extremely grand and joyful birthday party was held at An Vien, celebrating the female leader turning a new age.​

Sella Truong’s “playability” and a number of cheering articles made many people suspect that this Miss was using money to PR herself?

In response to the above comments, recently, she personally posted in the VLTK Mobile group to share her own thoughts: “I simply think that if you spend money playing games to earn “virtual” fun, then put money away. off to find “real” friendship, so what? After all the money is gone, go make it, memories are something that people keep forever. Thank you and Chicken _ Evil for more than 1 year. There’s nothing more precious to see people from 3 regions reunite on their birthdays. Regardless of the world, the next life is still brothers.” Miss also revealed that on December 22, she will celebrate her 2nd birthday in Saigon.

Although she is a famous person, a Miss, but Sella Truong herself is not hidden or afraid to show her intense love for online games or her attachment and friendliness with friends around the world. your virtual. The game is virtual, but it is undeniable that the feelings between the players are real – Brotherhood, friends, comrades… And certainly with an enthusiastic, emotional and especially “playable” leader. Like this, the members of the Confederate State will have a lot of unforgettable memories and moments together both in the game and in real life and will become more and more united and stronger.

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