Into the Dead 2 released a new Update, letting gamers call tigers to slaughter Zombies

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Welcome to the field at the beginning of this year, Into The Dead 2 soon created a storm on the Game Mobile village. With beautiful graphics and fiery gameplay for gamers to act between classes and classes Zombies, Into The Dead 2 soon received great attention from the gaming community. Not only that, this FPS title combined with Endless Runner also constantly offers new Updates, giving gamers more content to experience.


Continuing that tradition, Into The Dead 2 has just added an Update called “Untamed”, giving gamers a unique companion in the titles. Zombie game ever. Yes, exactly in this Update you will be accompanied by a tiger on the way to slaughter zombies.


Into The Dead 2 Untamed takes players to a completely new setting where a zoo is attacked by a zombie pandemic. Fortunately, there was still a tiger alive and accidentally it became the companion of the main character on the journey to find his loved one. With a new companion, gamers will have more hands-free in overcoming the zombie forest that surrounds everywhere.


There this tiger can run ahead and attack Zombies, saving gamers from dangerous situations. However, with the backdrop of a burning forest with fallen trees everywhere, the challenge in Into The Dead 2 Untamed is certainly not small.

Right now this Update has appeared in the game, ready for readers to enjoy right now. For those who have missed removing Into The Dead 2 from your device, you can completely re-download the game on Android and iOS here:


GameHub download - Emergenceingame


GameHub download - Emergenceingame

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