Darksiders Genesis officially released in early December

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In June of this year, popular game publisher THQ Nordic announced a hit game for Darksiders, it was revealed that the game called Darksiders Genesis will be coming to Google Stadia along with other smart platforms. usually like PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Today, THQ Nordic and the developer of Airship Syndicate officially revealed the launch date for Darksiders Genesis. The fourth installment in the Darksiders RPG series will be released on Google Stadia and PC (via Steam) on December 5, 2019. In the meantime, console gamers will have to wait until that date. February 14, 2020 to be able to play this game.

darksiders genesis won on December 12th

In addition to confirming the specified release date, the game’s makers have also released a second trailer for the RPG. It can be seen that the descendant version of Diablo has made fans extremely excited during the past time, below is the trailer that NPH has just announced.

Unlike previous games in the series, Darksiders Genesis will introduce a two-player Co-Op mode with 3 Horseman, War and 4 Horseman, Strife. For solo players it will be possible to switch between both characters while you are playing the game. The fourth Darksiders title will also feature an online Co-op mode, another first for the series.

Pre-orders for Darksiders Genesis are now open for PC and can be ordered through the official Darksiders website or through Steam for a price. 14.99 USD. Pre-order gamer discount ends on December 5, 2019, the official launch date of the game.

If not know how to pre-order Darksiders Genesis where? You can visit the link below of Taimienphi to proceed to pre-order this attractive tactical RPG, gamers who order will receive a lot of rewards inside and outside of NPH THQ Nordic. .

– Link to register for pre-order Darksiders Genesis

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