League of Legends URF mode – Which champion is the best and strongest?

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League of Legends has a lot of modes that have been released and the most loved and expected is definitely the URF mode. After 3 years of waiting, the original URF mode has finally returned to League of Legends players to satisfy the expectations of countless players around the world. So in this League of Legends URF mode, which champions are the best and strongest?

URF is a special mode of League of Legends where in this mode all champions will have their cooldown reduced by up to 80%, which means you can cast skills in a near-constant manner. continues with extremely low cooldown. In addition, the attack speed and other changes in the map make it more suitable for the low cooldown mode that makes this mode extremely popular with players and always makes the League of Legends server crowded with players whenever possible. appear.

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League of Legends URF mode – Which champion is the best and strongest?

In URF there are a lot of champions that are so strong that sometimes the game is unbalanced, so Riot often makes this mode appear with champions that appear randomly for players ( All Random URFARURF) however, in 2019, to mark 10 years old, Riot has returned to the original URF mode, you can choose any champion you like. Here are the super strong generals in URF mode that you need to keep in mind.

Top super strong generals in URF League of Legends.

1. Fizz

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Fizz is slowly disappearing in the current meta when its power is currently quite low, but in URF it is a completely different story. With URF mode, the extremely low cooldown makes it possible for Fizz to continuously use the skill E – Jumping Dancing continuously, being able to both dodge enemy skills and deal damage to them. Combined with Q – Stab Javelin gives Fizz great mobility, being able to attack the enemy while they are powerless to do anything to this fish.

2. Garen

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Garen differs from Fizz in that he is in his prime when his E – Judgment has been modified to give damage and bonus effects. And Garen in URF is also super strong when the E – Judgment skill can be used continuously and deal an extremely terrible amount of damage to the opponent. Combining Q – Decisive Strike to silence the enemy as well as speed up running, Garen in URF is no different from a death saw that goes wherever the enemy is defeated.

3. Qiyana

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Qiyana is probably the extremely successful new champion of Riot when she is very popular in both ranked and professional arena. Possessing a super-mobile skill set, Qiyana has the ability to transform and deal continuous damage. Especially in URF, Qiyana’s abilities are almost continuous and she can dance and deal tons of damage to anyone standing in front of her.

4. Leblanc

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As the best virtual champion in League of Legends, in URF Leblanc, it is even more terrible when in the hands of experienced players, this girl will really tease the opponent with her terrible transformation. Continuous use of W – Distortion and R – Simulation makes Leblanc almost impossible to defeat, along with a strong amount of damage to the enemy squad. Playing Leblanc at URF is never boring.

5. Zed

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The Dark Lord has always been the most popular assassin in League of Legends thanks to his transformation. In URF that transformation will increase by a tier when Zed can repeatedly use W – Shadow Clone and R – Death Mark to deal damage and morph against opponents as Zed repeatedly swaps positions. decorate with balls.

The above are typical generals in URF that are loved by many people, in addition, in URF there are many other very interesting generals, which champion do you like the most in URF? League of Legends is currently on version 9.21 and you can read the latest information about League of Legends version 9.21 to better understand the changes in the final version of this season.

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