World of Tanks and WWE combine to bring Season 1 – SummerSlam

In a mashup you’ve never seen before, the development team at Wargaming and WWE are teaming up to deliver an explosive combo with update 5.0 for World of Tanks and heralds the start of Season 1 – SummerSlam!

The latest part is available in World of Tanks and lasts until September 21, 2020. World of Tanks: SummerSlam will combine the worlds of tanks and wrestling into one, offering a new exclusive Season Pass pack featuring WWE-inspired tanks, legendary Superstar characters, a new garage and more.

world of tanks ket hop also wwe created season 1 summerslam what?

What does World of Tanks SummerSlam have?

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World of Tanks and WWE combine to bring Season 1 – SummerSlam

In World of Tanks: SummerSlam, World of Tanks players on Xbox and PlayStation will have the chance to control five legendary Superstar Collector Tanks inspired by WWE Superstars wrestlers The Undertaker and Becky Lynch, as well as former capital Famous animals Andre the Giant, Sgt. Slaughterm “Stone Cold” Steve Austin is inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, free in-game characters.

world of tanks and wwe ket hop to bring den season 1 summerslam

Like the previous part, World of Tanks: Valor, SummerSlam is divided into 100 levels. Commanders can go from one level to the next by completing specific tasks in the online battle and by earning points during gameplay. The more points you earn, the higher your level and the bigger rewards you will get.

XP, in-game currency, tank equipment and more – players will receive them on their way to level 100 and at level 100 they will receive the most desirable final reward, the tank The new TL-1 LPC is under the command of none other than the famous Superstar Stone Cold Steve Austin.

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world of tanks season 1 summerslam and new life in this purchase

But Texas Rattlesnake isn’t the only WWE superstar players will encounter in the game. When acquiring the World of Tanks: SummerSlam Season Pass, players will receive rewards from regular SummerSlam progress and additional rewards including 2 destructive tanks designed inspired by the giant Becky Lynch and WWE legend Andre the Giant.

Upgrade to the Ultimate Season Pass and you’ll automatically unlock 25 levels of SummerSlam and receive the formidable and unmatched Undertaker tank.

world of tanks season 1 summerslam

Are you ready for the wars? Be prepared and fight to reach the top rank and win valuable rewards. World of Tanks SummerSlam begins July 21.
If you are new to World of Tanks, don’t miss the regular parts from the manufacturer through Game Code Words of Tanks Latest here. Wish you have fun playing the game.

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