Cyberpunk 2077 gamers only took 11 minutes to show the first 18+ scene

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Speedrunner Tomatoangus (once known as tomatoanus) broke five consecutive Fallout games in less than 90 minutes. The most impressive is probably the speedrun sex scene in Fallout: New VegasTomatoangus took almost 29 minutes to fall asleep with the first subject.

Currently, Tomatoangus has redirected to Cyberpunk 2077, challenge yourself in the new speedrun sex scene. His record currently stands at 10 minutes, 27 seconds. Before that, Tomatoangus took about two hours to have sex. That may seem like a long time, but judging by the progression of Cyberpunk 2077, the player doesn’t have the right to move around the entire city at the start. First, the player needs to complete the prologue to be able to leave the restricted area, where the “florist” girls are not present.

Tomatoanus found a way to “circle the law”. He starts the speedrun by maxing out his character’s stamina and speed. After 7 minutes of fast-forwarding through the dialogue (in the Street Kid lifepath), Tomatoanus was in the car with Jackie and ready to take on his first mission. Once in the mission area, after a few minutes, this speedrunner reached the main street, got out of the original restricted range and at the 10 minute 27 second mark, he found the first “florist” girl .​

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