Hacker “robbed” Call of Duty developer’s Twitter, speaking for the hearts of gamers

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Tony Flame is the lead designer of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and is known as a bridge between the development team and the player community. On the evening of December 24, after the Merry Christmas post, Twitter of Flame suddenly posted obscene, racist, and critical words about his parent company Treyarch to be Activision.​


Name hacker pretended to be Flame, calling on Activision to remove SBMM from Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, while criticizing the studio for ruining the game, this is also one of the tweets that received the most attention from the online community:

“Get rid of SBMM @Activision, you guys are ruining the game I worked so hard to develop.”

SBMM is a skill-based matchmaking system where players with similar skill levels meet. The game is based on many factors such as player position, life time, overall K/D ratio… to determine the level of gamers.

SBMM was created with the aim of being fair when playing against players of similar skill level, but when put into operation it brings many negative effects. Some players even tried to commit suicide multiple times in order to be paired with “fuzzy” gamers than themselves. In general, this has seriously affected the experience of gamers. Many players have suggested Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War uses a ranking system instead of SBMM.​

Tony Flame: “Get rid of SBMM @Activision…”
Fan: “Finally, the development team has spoken out”

Until it was deleted, this tweet had up to 15,000 likes. Some people at the time did not realize that Flame’s Twitter was hacked and thought that was his opinion, while others actually agreed with this view. Now this Twitter account has returned to its owner, the impersonating and obscene tweets have also been deleted.​

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