Putting Esports into teaching and the end: 95% of students got surprisingly high scores

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Microsoft and High School Esports League (HSEL), a professional gaming organization, recently teamed up to design a special curriculum for high school students. No more thick textbooks and dry knowledge, teachers will teach students through Esports video games. The purpose of the program is to spark interest in learning while improving students’ GPA. The entire lesson plan can be accessed directly on the HSEL website.


The program was first piloted at a high school in Kansas State (USA) under the leadership of Dr. Kristy Custer and teacher Michael Russel. Lectures often focus on topics such as self-advocacy, personal and social behavior, communication skills training, technology, and strategic growth thinking. After a period of testing, the initial results were quite impressive – the overall score of 95% of the participating students increased significantly, the average GPA increase was 1.4.


Talking about this amazing result, Dr. Custer said: “Students often skip class because they don’t find any connection to the school. 82% of the students who participated in the previous pilot had never participated in extracurricular activities until exposed to Esports.” The idea of ​​using games to improve student performance may seem a bit counter-scientific at first, given the fact that many parents see video games as a reason for their poor academic performance. their children are getting worse and worse. However, practice has proven that a program that combines learning and playing like that really helps students get more excited.


Esports is experiencing strong growth over the years. Hundreds of tournaments with huge prize money are held every year. At this rate of growth, by 2022, Esports revenue is estimated to reach $ 1.8 billion. With the positive results obtained, perhaps Esports being included in the official curriculum in schools will not be far away.​

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