I died laughing when Team Mixi defeated Bomman on the drinking table

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The MinesBombman already famous in the Streamer/Caster world for his ability to drink, especially after the concise and eloquent argument of “The Cardinal” Mimosa about the unmarried Caster’s crazy drinking style. “In this world, people have one or two extremely skilled skills, that skill must be called slaughter. Bomman only has two skills, skill 1 is confiding, skill 2 is alcohol ..” – Mimosa in his brother’s exaggeration said.

That’s why few people can imagine a day when Bomman had to fall to his drinking friends, none other than himself. Patriarch Team Mixi. In a clip posted on Mineman’s own Fanpage, Team Mixi forced Bomman to admit defeat in the “first half”. “Stop losing. Increase 2 for the next day, brother, today..” – Bomman said with the dull eyes of the loser. The patriarch also didn’t forget to close the deal 500Bros that Refund Gaming won 1-0 and promised to fight again the next day.


Seeing their “brother” fall, the fans of Mine Man did not forget to take the opportunity to add to the pain of Caster born in 1991 with a few friends with the comment: “Losing at the drinking table and losing on the road of love”. Hopefully in the rematch the next day, our Bomman can successfully avenge the Tay people.

Watch the clip here:

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