5 ways to increase combat power in the webgame So Kieu

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There are many ways to increase combat power, however, the following article will suggest 5 ways for each gamer to easily touch the concept of “fastest, most effective and fastest increase in combat power”.

Upgrade system of mounts, wings, magic crossbows
In Department of Kieu, all three of these systems are opened very early – after the character completes a series of beginner quests. These are also three activities for each player to start stepping on the path to building their own strength and position.

Animal Level Up

Progression is an operation that greatly increases the combat power of the character, not only that, but it also helps the character to open up new skills and eye-catching looks. When upgrading mounts, wings or crossbows, their combat power stats increase, leading to the character’s battle strength and other attributes also increase. The overall strength of the character is increased.

Wing advancement

Players should take advantage of the first 5 days of opening the server, progressing the feature to the specified level will receive a single-level refund bonus. Also do not ignore the event of investing in props, with a small amount of Nguyen Bao to invest but receiving many advanced materials, saving a lot of Nguyen Bao in other operations.

Level up the crossbow

Hunting for character equipment
This is not only a highly competitive activity but also brings many benefits to So Kieu players. In addition to battlefield experience, improving combat skills, boss hunting skills, players also receive pieces of equipment after finishing the operation.

Raise the level of boss fighting

Equipment is an integral part of the character’s growth, if players focus on hunting bosses, the ability to hunt rare, high-quality equipment is also a way to actively increase the character’s combat power. In addition, players can also participate in x5 hang-ups to receive many common equipment to practice, receive points in exchange for more advanced equipment.

Hunting equipment is also an effective way to increase combat power

In addition, when completing a required set of equipment, the character will also be given a fashion appearance, increasing the amount of combat force significantly.

Advancement of Fame
The famous sword not only helps the character to have a more beautiful and majestic appearance, but also helps to increase the combat force index quite effectively. Players can hunt for Sword materials through the subversion of the same name. This is a free activity and is worth every player’s time to participate.

Advancement of Fame

Hunt for titles
The title is only obtained when the character participates in a specific activity (Ba Karma, Diep War, …) and achieves certain achievements, for example, when becoming Emperor in the Ba Karma activity, that title will bring the title. majesty in the player’s own community. There are many titles that can be found through events, challenge copies, PvP activities, etc.

Trophies in the game

The title not only brings fans to other players, but it also increases the combat power and attribute stats of the character.

Treasure hunting
Treasures may be lost or lost things, but strange treasures are rumored and spread in the world. The hidden treasure contains amazing power and is also the cause of many competitions, struggles and fights. The attraction of treasures is always terrible, they are the desires of every master when acting in the Gypsy.

Treasures are precious things in Gypsy

In So Kieu, as long as gamers pass the plot test copies and fake spy tests, they will be able to open many great treasures. The higher the increase in battle strength, the more treasures will be unlocked, the limit of combat power is expanded!

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