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Professional Gamer Overwatch xQc became one of the famous streamer most on Twitch, with over 1.6 million followers and tens of thousands of viewers every times stream.

Like most streamerviewers can leave a small message when they donate for him. The message will then be read aloud by the voice on the machine.

Most fans leave friendly messages or some kind of memes, however, one viewer strayed from those with insults.


In live stream on 11/18, a donation message started being read out: “This goes without saying, but please don’t take life advice from someone who can’t eat right, can’t clean himself, can’t pass an 8th grade math test and can’t talk properly. “

xQc immediately responded to that viewer, mercilessly using quite “bad” words: “You know what I can do, I can make the robot talk for YOUR three dollars. I could make Brian talk all day with guys like you!”


XQc shouted, completely unaffected by the taunt of the audience, when he replied more harshly: “So who cares if I can feed myself or not, because I can buy food after I’m done with you.”

An answer like this should come as no surprise to xQc, who is known for always voicing his opinion and always doing things his own way.

‘s response streamer guy received a lot of support from the audience.

xQc regularly “fires shots” at whoever deserves it and is not afraid of any negative feedback from its viewers. This is definitely not the last time criticize someone for trying to mock him on stream.

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