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Mobile game based on Street Fighter died after less than 1 year

Capcom just announced that it will suspend the activities of Puzzle Fighterthis is the title mobile games was released worldwide last November. The Japanese game company said the company needs to focus more resources on developing blockbuster games, such as Dead Rising is an example. However, gamers have other speculations about the cause of death of Puzzle Fighter.


To be fair, Puzzle Fighter Not too bad a game. The game owns a large inventory of characters from classic names of Capcom history such as Street Fighter, Devil May Cry nice Darkstalkers. Each character is remade in the shape of chibi but still retains the most distinctive features. Gameplay is designed quite diverse, easy to play.​

Puzzle Fighter intro trailer


Plus, the cost to maintain a game as simple as Puzzle Fighter it certainly doesn’t cost too much, developers can even let it live on the app stores without updating. Therefore, the real reason why this game is dead may be because it is not economically viable, or in other words a game that does not make much money for the manufacturer.

Meanwhile, Capcom has not yet released any specific information on the implementation progress Dead Rising.​

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