I died laughing with a Thai guy who used his youth to cosplay super

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Usually, when it comes to cosplayPeople often think of pretty boys and pretty girls with elaborate costumes. Because they consider cosplay as a unique culture and a hobby of its own. So behind the beautiful cosplay photos of the coser It’s a great preparation. However, there is a guy from Thailand who is not like that. The guy transforms into the characters in the movie, anime, manga in a style that no one could have imagined.

This guy’s cosplay props are not fussy at all, they are all items that are easily found in the house such as fruit, tape, shoes, or even instant noodles…Although cospaly unreasonably Both muddy and funny, but everyone has to admit that this guy’s makeup is very similar. Anyway, besides the elaborate but also familiar cosplay, people can be entertained by people who dare to sacrifice themselves to “bad” themselves in many ways just as hard as this guy.

Check out a series of unique and super cool cosplay photos of the guy from Thailand below:

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