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On Monday, October 5, the North American region claimed its first win at round Worlds after 6 matches when Flyquest took down Unicorns of Love. But the region’s lack of success in the league so far has raised questions about how the organization and its players operate.

In spite of LCS is home to some of the highest paid players in the field electronic Sportsbut the area has consistently failed to make a mark on the big stage, as they confront LEC, LPL and LCK.

Although widely discussed, a number of tweets from influential figures caused a stir, including one from FionnOnFire, stating that “all 10 North American organizations need to sit down and reassess the LCS.”


The commentator of the English LCK channel and also one of the long-time names that have worked in the LCS has revealed the secrets behind the LCS’s embarrassing achievement in the LCS. Worlds 2020

He shared that LCS players always refuse to practice with the players young star from academy teams out of fear that young talent would progress and take their place in the main squad.


In addition, LS also retweeted Fionn’s article, citing the fact that the average salary of LCS players is $ 400,000 / year (about 9.3 billion VND), but not a single player proves to be worthy of this number. that money.


“A salary too high for what they show. Organizations need to undertake restructuring and maintain a more consistent salary structure. The issue of importing foreign soldiers must also be considered to be on the right track.

Likewise, eUnited General Manager and University of Maryville Director of eSports Dan Clerke also said that there is no shortage of players on the academy team. young players talent.

He said: “North American organizations prioritize player names over winning and that’s extremely short-sighted.”


Of course, there’s still time to turn things around at Worlds. The group stage is played in a two-leg format, so the LCS teams will have an extra place in each of their groups, but based on their results so far it’s hard to feel optimistic.​

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