VLTK Mobile: Divine Mother – The hidden power inside the fragile appearance

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Than Co is the 5th Wood-type sect of Martial Arts Mobile (VLTK Mobile), appeared after Tieu Dao, Duong Mon, Ngu Poison and Hoa Son. This five-element system is always the starting place of good players with a different way of attacking, somewhat quaint but powerful and extremely beautiful. Possessing a unique set of “Eagle riding” skills, Than Co is worthy for gamers to spend a lot of time researching.


Skill in controlling puppets

Although it is rated at 2-star difficulty, the fact shows that this sect has a very creative control. More specifically, God of Base possesses a skill set that depends on summoning and controlling the puppet Moc Ung (wooden eagle). Of the 4 basic moves, half are performed by Moc Ung.


To start the attack chain, the player is required to use the 2nd ability to summon the puppet. Then use the Moc Ung puppet to perform the 1st move Long Khong Falcon or the 3rd move Lang Phong Depending on the Image. The 4th move allows the character riding the Eagle to fly up and attack with a tornado.

Possessing a pair of skills of attraction – repulsion like a magnet

In VLTK Mobile, melee factions often have the ability to pull the opponent towards them and vice versa – repel the target with long-ranged factions. However, even though it is a long-range fighting faction, the mobility of Shen Ji was soon revealed when it was possible to use the ability to attract – push the opponent when performing the move.

Lang Phong Sui Anh demonstrates the suction skill of Than Co when the whirlwind created by Moc Ung not only deals damage, but also sucks all enemies in the area of ​​influence to the center of the tornado. When combined with Khoi Loi Ung Phach to create 2 Wood Eagles at the same time, then activating Lang Phong Tuy Anh can also create 2 whirlwinds at the same time.


In contrast, Hoa Vu Thua Phong effectively causes the enemy to fly away, contributing to creating an appropriate distance to throw a dagger or cast Long-Air Strike.

Thus, if skillfully used skills and aligned at the right time, the Goddess can easily control and move crowds of enemies, giving herself and her teammates more advantages in attack. In addition, when the Goddess summons Wood Eagle, allies within the range also enjoy an additional 50% of the defensive status effect. That’s why Than Co became the first chosen sect in team PK matches.


The skill set of Than Co spends a whole move just to summon Moc Ung, which has not been appreciated by players since Moc Ung does not have an auto-attack function. However, when gamers open the secret High – Khoi Loi Ung Phat, the cumulative effect is really significant when increasing by 100% to eliminate the final damage.

God’s relationship with other denominations

Compared to other sects of the Wood system, Than Co has not yet reached the ability to damage and finish like the Five Poisons, but is slightly better than Hoa Son, and is easier to control than Duong Mon. If we talk about how to use, Shen Ji can almost develop in the direction of Tieu Dao, which is to use 100% of the suction ability of the 3rd move and 100% of the push of the 4th move to move the target, support teammates. team. In addition, gamers also need more alignment skills to be able to control Moc Ung more flexibly.

When using the automatic battle mode, the Divine Machine still gives good combat efficiency. However, in order to exploit the hidden power of this sect, gamers need to coordinate well the order of 1-2-3 moves and take the right opportunity to use 4 to avoid the opponent’s ultimate.


Shen Co “plays” a full role in the relationship of the five elements

This 23rd sect easily defeats the Earth sects because it not only engraves the system but also has a skill set that effectively breaks the shield, contributing to “restore order” after Truong Ca was heavily buffed in the version. previous. Even with other systems like Fire and Water, Than Co can easily deal with them.

All over the guild, players talked enthusiastically about God’s skill set

In fact, it seems that Shen Co is still quite shy towards the Kim sects. Players need to pay special attention when their Divine Mother faces these factions. Just once being caught up in the combo of Thien Vuong or Bao Dao, Hidden Sword, Than Co can lose more than half of her life force. Therefore, gamers who hold the Divine Machine in their hands need to pay attention to sharply increase their defense stats, especially melee counterattacks and resistance to Kim.

In general, the main character of this version of VLTK Mobile: Divine Destiny is really attractive with many unique moves. At the same time, it is also the first-priority name in choosing to join the team with the highly effective council PK skill.​

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