Despite the epidemic, Italian gamers still find ways to hunt Pokemon while sitting at home

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Gamer Pokemon Go in Italy noticed that Raids still appear despite the mandatory requirement isolation at home due to concerns about Coronavirus. So they invented a way to play Pokemon Go from homeand collect rewards without having to join the Raid in the first place.

This phenomenon is not unique to Italy. The Cobalion Raid is still live in Japan, Korea, and other countries for now, but recently Niantic announced that the Raid Hour will be canceled until further notice on the Pokemon Go update website. Niantic also announced on Twitter that they are working on making Pokemon Go a home-playable title, and specifically mentioned the single-player Special Research: “A Drive to Investigate” event.


However, Italian gamers are still eager to find a way to complete the Raid from home. Gamers also took to Reddit to express their concerns: the desire to catch rare Pokemon without compromising safety or breaking quarantine rules to prevent the spread of the virus. COVID-19.

There are ways to capture Cobalion without endangering one’s own or others’ health, and even if the current opportunity is missed, the same events will be repeated. In fact, although Thundurus is the only Legendary Pokemon players can encounter from the GBL (Go Battle League) bonus, players encounter Cobalion quite often – and even have a high chance of catching it. Cobalion capture rate has recently increased from 2% to 4%.


With Niantic investing more resources to make Pokemon Go playable at home and players sharing information on how to make the most of their surroundings, Pokemon Go players can still play and participate in the game. your favorite without going anywhere. So, consider going outdoor Raid, instead players can join Go Battle League from home and still get the latest Raid rewards. Niantic insists that there is no benefit to going out, so do the right thing and play Pokemon Go at home.​

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