Blocked from receiving the bride, Dota 2 players ask for help from the online community

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Maybereal name Lu Yao, is one of the famous players in the community Dota 2 China. He is currently competing as a member of LGD Gamingwas with the team to participate in the Dota 2 World Championship The International. On today, the player born in 1995 of LGD Gaming officially married his longtime girlfriend in the warm blessing of the fans.​


In the joyful atmosphere of the wedding, at 10:39 am this morning, Maybe suddenly posted a video on his personal Weibo with nearly 900,000 fans. In the video, Maybe appeared dapper in the groom’s suit, holding a wedding flower in his hand, calling on the online community to help him get into the room to welcome the bride. It seems that the girl’s family has set Maybe a challenge, the video he posted must have 1314 likes before he can come in to receive the bride. 1314 is a number with special significance for young Chinese because it is homophonous with the phrase “lifetime for life”, this is probably also a blessing for the bride and groom.

Readers can watch the video HERE

It seems that maybe because it was quite awkward to film a confession video with the bride, Maybe was a little hesitant. Recalling the difficulties they both went through since being together since 2014, LGD Gaming’s male player couldn’t help but shed tears, even though his confession was commented by friends as “literary”. of elementary school students”.


Overcoming many challenges, the two finally became a family, of course with the help of fans, Maybe’s video quickly got 1314 likes. Besides congratulating the newlyweds, Chinese netizens also wish Maybe good results when competing at the World Cup. Ti10.​

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