Common terms used in the game Raid

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Not only Raid, but other games like DotA, League of Legends or Pokémon GO have their own terms that only insiders can understand. When you master these terms, you will easily communicate, understand what other players are talking about.

Quite important, right? So invite you to refer to the article below, to know the most popular terms in the Raid game:

Game Raid

Common terms used in Raid

  • Bombsite: As a place to place bombs, each map will have 2 bomb locations, A and B. The mission of the Blacklist (BL) is to attack the Bombsite to place the bomb and keep it until it explodes. In contrast, the Global Risk (GR) will defend so that BL cannot place a bomb or must remove it when the bomb is placed.
  • Tanker / Entry Fragger: Pioneers in attacks. Most ADCs usually use an AK or M4 instead of an AWM.
  • AWM-er / Sniper: Only the gunners shot aim.
  • Support / Backup: Gunners play a supporting role in the squad. Support has the task of throwing bombs, bombs and flashes to help the tankers rush up more smoothly. In addition, there is also the task of rushing up firepower, accepting sacrifices for teammates to detect the enemy’s location and counterattack.
  • Mid: The area between Bombsite A and B, is where fighting often occurs.
  • Rush: Quick attack on 1 Bombsite with all forces.
  • Fake: Fake attack on 1 Bombsite to distract opponents.
  • “Mouth punching”: Only headshot situations of the opponent.
  • Long A / B: Is the longest, straightest distance to get into Bombsite A / B.
  • Short A / B: Is the shortest distance to enter Bombsite A / B.
  • Pro / Gosu: Only gamers with good skills, professional gamers.
  • Clutch: Only situations where our Team only has 1 member and has to face many opponents.
  • Camp: Sit still to gather information or shoot sneakily if the enemy does not check.
  • Lurk: Operate singly, go to other positions with teammates on the map to stalk, shoot individual opponents.
  • Bait: Move to lure the enemy to reveal its location, absorb firepower so that teammates can attack Bombsite more easily.
  • Parkour: Jump and move skills are used a lot in the map Zombie v4.
  • Noob: Only gamers with poor skills.

Hope the above article will help you understand more about Raid gane, comfortably communicate with other players.

Wish you have fun playing the game!

Updated: June 29, 2017

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