TOP Free Fire characters should not spend money to buy

In addition to the almighty characters like Chrono, DJ Alok …, Free Fire there are still seemingly useless characters on the battlefield. Here it is top characters Free Fire you should not spend money to buy.

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TOP Free Fire characters should not spend money to buy


Joseph in Free Fire

Joseph’s ability helps players escape danger by increasing movement speed by 10% and sprinting when hit by an enemy. Joseph’s skills are quite similar to Kelly’s and not very helpful, so don’t waste money buying this Free Fire character if you already own Kelly!


Wukong in Free Fire

In disguise, Wukong’s unique abilities are of no use. Once activated, the player can hide from others while standing still. However, the problem here is the camouflage skill spawned with a green bush with a name. Therefore, it was easy for everyone to locate it in the gunfight. In addition, this ability’s cooldown is up to 300 seconds long.


Antonio from Free Fire

Antonio gets an extra 10HP from the start of the match but honestly, you hardly beat the enemy with that addition. While Free Fire has a lot of better characters available with great skills, don’t waste money on this low HP.


Kla from Garena Free Fire

Kla’s passive skills actually increase his damage by 100% from his punches but you should accept the undeniable fact that punches are generally less commonly used in Free Fire.


Wolfrahh needs someone to observe his fight before he can cast his skills. If not, Wolfrahh’s special powers were no different from useless equipment.

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Above are the characters of the least useful in the fight in Free Fire. You should not spend money on these Garena Free Fire character this.

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