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In the previous two articles, helped you go through the first tasks of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas game. In this part 3, we will continue to learn how to perform quests in the city of San Fierro.

III. Mission in San Fierro in GTA San Andreas

CJ started to build his name in the city of San Fierro while still working for the police hand Tenpenny. With the help of Truth, Cesar, Woozie, Chinese businessman CJ met during a Los Santos auto race, CJ tried to damage Smoke’s drug line in Los Santos.

This section covers 26 mini quests.

1. Wear Flowers In Your Hair:

In this part, Carl along with Cesar, Kendl and Truth repair the dingy garage where Catalina and her boyfriend lost to Carl in the last race. The task of this part is quite simple that together with Truth go to pick up a few of his friends so they can help repair the garage.

GTA San Andreas


555 WE TIP: Tenpenny called to CJ to say that he needed the opium he was holding to harm one of the names that were hostile to the CRASH group Tenpenny wanted you to put the hidden “goods” number into the DA’s car. This guy is on his way to the Vank Hoff Hotel in downtown San Fierro, stopping at the meeting point in front of the Big Pointy building. Kill the coachman and take his suit to disguise. Then go out and wait for the DA to show up in a Blue Merit.

After the DA gets out of the car, you get in the car and drive to the garage to hide the drugs. You have a total of 2 minutes and 30 seconds to do this. Finished, you have to go back to the hotel and deliver the car to the DA and then call the police to come grab him. So the mission has been completed.

At this point, Valet Missions is unlocked, try it when you like.

See how to do this task in the video:

3. Deconstruction

Some workers at the next construction site teased and did not behave inappropriately to Kendle, especially the manager. Cesar immediately wanted to go teach them a lesson, but Carl stopped and went to do it himself … Destroying the houses of the workers and killing the manager there.

4. Zero

Air Raid:

Buy back Zero’s store ($ 30000), he will call you. Go to Zero and start doing the quest. Berkley, who was defeated by Zero in a science contest and is now burning revenge on him. At that moment, Berkley was dragging a squadron of RC planes to sabotage Zero’s signal transceivers. Your mission is to shoot down the planes coming close while Zero repairing the damaged machinery. Hold for 3 minutes and you will complete the task and receive $ 3000. If you find it too difficult to take down all the enemy troops then you can type cheat “Destroy All Vehicles” and all aircraft will be destroyed immediately.

GTA San Andreas

Supply Lines:

CJ goes to Zero’s house and finds him hanging up in his closet. This is done by the name Berkley and Carl wants to help Zero revenge. Berkley has a few juniors transporting him by bike, motorbike, and car and it’s your job of course to keep them from reaching the meeting point. You will control an RC toy plane, destroy Berkley’s juniors. Done, go back to Zero’s roof and you’ll receive $ 5,000.

New Model Army:

Zero’s mission sequence is relatively difficult, but if you grasp how to control vehicles, then surely you can pass. In this mission, we will be driving … helicopters.

This will be the final fight between Zero and Berkley, if he can get his bandit car through all obstacles and reach the Berkley base he will win, and the loser will leave San Fierro! Done the mission you will receive a huge bonus $ 7,000.

Refer to the New Model Army duty video:

5. Photo Opportunity

Cesar tells Carl that there will be a major opium deal between the Ballas gang and a few people in Grove Street. You need to take pictures there to identify the names involved in this incident. Cesar had followed them all the way to Mulholland Intersection and was waiting for Carl. Take the car to Red County, pick up Cesar, get on his lowrider and start a long trip to Angel Pine.

Stop at the meeting point at Angel Pine, on the roof of the building, you are facing Cluckin ‘Bell, the purpose is to capture the faces of the people involved.

GTA San Andreas

6. Jizzy B


Carl and Cesar went to see Woozie and asked him to identify the names in the photos you took in the previous mission. Woozie said the 3 people in the picture are all from Loco Syndicate. The person in the first photo, is in charge of arranging all the cases, but he doesn’t know the name (actually Mike Toreno). The top of the bunch was T-Bone Mendez and finally Jizzy, the largest supplier in the city. And Carl’s first target is Jizzy.

Go to Jizzy’s club, pass at the meeting point. Carl meets Jizzy and to reach him, you must pretend to serve his will. Complete the small quests (bring Jizzy’s girlfriend to the hotel, handle some of the names for him …) and you will receive $ 3,000 after the job is done.

Refer to the video of the Jizzy mission:

T-Bone Mendez:

Jizzy is pissed off with T-Bone because of the 3-person business deal that Jizzy only benefits by 20%. Just then, there was a call to report that Jizzy’s shipment was robbed. Help Jizzy to the car under the ambush Garver Bridge. A total of 4 robbers ride a motorcycle, chase them to get back the goods. You have to use a gun to take down the guys who are driving the motorbike, do not shoot the car, the package will be lost and the mission will fail. Although there is no time regulation, but if they are delayed they will arrive at the delivery place and the mission is also unsuccessful.

Mike Toreno:

After what just happened, T-Bone doubted that someone was involved in this incident. At that moment, Mike Toreno said that a truck carrying “goods” was robbed again, and he was stuck in it. Your mission is to follow Mike’s track and come to save him and destroy the white goods in the car. You will receive 2 wanted stars, get on the limousine and exit that location. Immediately go to Pay n ‘Spray to clear the stars. Return to Jizzy’s club and complete quests with a $ 7,000 bonus.

GTA San Andreas


Jizzy needs Carl to help some of his friends. Arriving at the gas station next to the Easter Basin warehouse, Mike told CJ to help them protect the truck, from being robbed again.

Go to the meeting point, grab the rocket and sniper rifle, board the bike nearby, and destroy the roadblocks so the freight car can reach safety. CJ will receive $ 9,000 after this mission.

7. Snail Trail

Police officers Tenpenny and Pulaski have a job for you at the garage. Help them take down the journalist who is plotting to defame the CRASH Pulaski group and want CJ to kill the reporter he will meet soon. Go to the construction site behind, find the sniper that Tenpenny has hidden. Go to Cranberry station, take a bike nearby and follow the reporter. At the end of the dock in Santa Maria, the reporter will get off the taxi and meet the journalist, stand in a suitable place and snipe them.

8. Ice Cold Killa

CJ entered the garage and looked for the letter Woozie gave him earlier, he told him to take down Jizzy’s name and take his cell phone so he could know the location and time of the second contract with the Ballas. . Go to the club to find and kill Jizzy and get her cell phone. After gathering the information, Carl called Cesar to wait at pier 69 (Pier69) and it was time to get rid of the Loco Syndicate corporation. Completing this difficult task will earn you $ 12,000.

Refer to how to perform the Ice Cold Killa mission:

9. Pier 69

During this tricky mission, you will have to get to the raid dock of the Ballas and Loco Syndicate groups while they are trading. Kill T-Bone Mendez and Ryder. After a fierce gun battle, Ryder will jump into the sea, swim after him, board and chase, perform “drive-by” to blow the boat. When Ryder dies, the mission will be completed. The reward of $ 15,000 will be returned to you after this difficult task.

Refer to how to perform Pier 69 mission:

10. Wu Zi Mu (Woozie)

Toreno’s Last Flight

Woozie announces that Toreno is preparing to escape by helicopter with some items. Go to that location and take the rocket and follow and destroy the helicopter.

Yay Ka-Boom-Boom:

Woozie tells you that the state of Loco Syndicate still has an old factory in town, if you destroy it, it seems that the Loco group is completely finished in competing with other corporations. Get the car with the time bomb that Woozie prepared to destroy the factory. Back to the garage in Doherty, stop at the meeting point, the mission is complete. $ 25,000 will belong to you after destroying Loco’s factory.

12. The Triads

Mountain Cloud Boys:

Woozie is the leader of the Mountain Cloud Boys, a group belonging to the Triads guild. The mission this time is to support Woozie to the meeting of the Triads and against the attack of Da Nang Boys – a gang that is hostile to Woozie.

GTA San Andreas

Ran Fa Li:

Woozie introduced another one to CJ: Shuk Foo Ran Fa Li, now the leader of Red Gecko Tong, is still from Triads. Shuk Foo is in need of pick up the package at the airport and Woozie has asked you to come pick it up. Arriving at the airport, you pick up the goods at the same time against the attack of the Da Nang Boys when they want to steal the goods. Done, run to North San Fierro and complete the mission.


Da Nang Boys tracked down and learned where Woozie and Ran Fa Li were. Carl intends to trick them into letting him leave safely. Get on the camouflage vehicle driving out of Angel Pine, if you leave the car, the mission will fail. Drive around through checkpoints to give Ran Fa Li time to safely leave Chinatown. When Ran Fa Li called to announce her safe escape, the mission was successful.

Amphibious Assault:

To do this, you must practice holding your breath underwater, then go to Woozie to accept the job. Go to the warehouse, climb the fence and jump into the sea, follow the check points to the Da Nang Boys ship to set up bombs.

The Da Nang Thang:

In this section, you will help Woozie win an area with Red Gecko Tong and rescue those captured on the ship. See instructions on how to do this task in the following video:

So we went through the quests to perform in the San Fierro section. Hope the instructions in the article will be useful to gamers. Wish you have fun playing the game!

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