How to download, install and play Pikachu game on computer

Pikachu is a popular entertainment game for office people or low-profile computers. Although released for a long time, but so far the attraction of this Pokemon-based game is still quite large and with many different versions, this is always the choice of many people when they want to entertain and relax after hours. work stress.

Download game Pikachu

Step 1: You access the link above, click Download.


Step 2: Select one of the links below to Download, click next Download To confirm.


Step 3: A Windows window appears, select a save location and rename the downloaded file Save.


Install Pikachu 2003 on the computer

Step 1: You navigate to the location to save the downloaded file and left click to start the installation.


Step 2: Click Continue.


Step 3: Choose Continue.


Step 4: Click Browse to change the location to install the game Pikachu on the computer.


Change the installation location and then Continue

Step 5: Continue.




Choose to enter Setting.


Finally choose End to complete.


How to play Pikachu on the computer

The interface of the game is completely Vietnamese, so there is no need to worry about Chinese as “that first day”.

Start playing

As for the basic gameplay, probably does not need to be repeated because it will become redundant.

Video instructions for installing and playing game Pikachu on computer

So now you just need to open up the game Pikachu every time you want to play and plow the game to earn the highest score. Refer to the article Pikachu game tips get the highest score to see how to “win bold” the most in this classic game offline!

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