How to play the game Chinh Do 1 Mobile for newbies

Game Chinhdo 650 - Emergenceingame

Conqueror 1 Mobile is the latest swordplay game that just launched to users on June 28, 2017. The gameplay is not different from the PC version of Chinh Do, however, if you find it difficult with the gameplay of Chinh Do 1 Mobile on your phone, you can refer to the following tutorial.

Conqueror 2 for Android

Criminals 2 for iOS

Perhaps because the phone screen is smaller, but the game icons are quite complete and almost no different from the PC version, we will find it difficult to manipulate. Another point that makes new players find it difficult is that they often try to create a Chinh Thing 1 Mobile account on the homepage without knowing that this Alpha Test version does not require that.

After downloading and installing Chinh Do 1 Mobile on your phone, you just go straight to the game, there, you will be logged in to allow us to use Facebook account or account Zalo to play games without registering for Chinh Do 1 Mobile account.

Game account payment
Select the type of account to use to play the game

As in this tutorial, the individual writer will choose Zalo account to play the game, you enter your phone number and password as when logging into your Zalo.

Log in

Like other mobile applications, Chinh Do 1 Mobile will ask users to grant access to some information from their account.

Access rights

We can only turn off the last two options (if desired) and the above two options, the default will not be changed. Choose Allow to continue either Refuse to exit the game.

Customize permissions
Setting permissions will allow the game to use

After giving permission, you can either agree to or decline that the game will send you future game-related notices.


After logging in to your account, the game interface will appear as below, touch Chinh Thief to enter.

Main interface

Set your character from gender, avatar …

Choose your character

to the character’s hairstyle and hair color.

Game Chinhdo 8 toc - Emergenceingame

Touch the section Character’s name to change it or you can keep it if you like the name.

Character's name

Select Country Want to play, with the list of 10 Countries available, you can choose any country to continue.

Game Chinhdo 10 nuoc - Emergenceingame
Select 1 of 10 Countries available

Finally, touch the item Create to create the character according to your preferences and enter the game.

Game Chinhdo 11 tao - Emergenceingame

For first-time players, you will be instructed by some basic operations.

Game Chinhdo 12 choi - Emergenceingame

Just follow that guide until you know all the features in the game. First, we will be Choose a Weapon.

Game Chinhdo 13 vukhi - Emergenceingame
Choose weapons (choose sect) for the character

Each weapon will represent a sect (there are all 5 main sects in Chinh Do 1 Mobile), specifically:

  • Blade: Martial Arts School (Difficulty to use: Difficult)
  • Supply: Surgery (Difficulty to use: Easy)
  • Thanh Staff: Magic School (Difficulty to use: Easy)
  • Fan God: Magic School (Difficulty to use: Fit)
  • Truong Kun: Summoner Class (Difficulty to use: Fit)

Game Chinhdo 14 chon - Emergenceingame

Touch the weapon you want to use already DeterminedEach weapon represents both different sects and has different attack-defense abilities and characteristics.

Touch next Equipment to use that weapon.

Game Chinhdo 15 trbi - Emergenceingame
Equipped with weapons for the character

Also at the gaming interface, we can see a lot of different icons, for example icons Handbag.

Game Chinhdo 17 gdien - Emergenceingame

This is a place for items that you will use regularly in the game, including props and character costumes. Just tap it to view details about the item’s name, usage, or purchase / sale price in the Shop. We can also choose Use right to the character if desired.

Game Chinhdo 18 tui - Emergenceingame

In the top right corner of the screen is a small circle, that is map of the game. If we look at it, we can see where our character is and where he will be moving.

Game Chinhdo 19 map - Emergenceingame

In addition, we can also observe the expansive map of all 10 Countries in Chinh Do 1 Mobile and the country you selected is marked as Aboriginal.

Game Chinhdo 20 tgioi - Emergenceingame

Icon Work At the top of the screen edge will be the place where we receive daily bonuses, login bonus, cumulative bonus.

Game Chinhdo 21 qua - Emergenceingame
Game rewards for players

This is also where we see the Daily Missions and the rewards for it.

Game Chinhdo 22 nvu - Emergenceingame

For each type of mission that players Complete in the game, will receive different gifts.

Game Chinhdo 23 hthanh - Emergenceingame
Completion of the mission will receive a reward

In Rampage 1 Mobile there is a type of point called Attribute score, these points are continuously added to each achievement and mission that the player completes and we can use these points to increase our stats of strength, mental power, agility, morale … for your character.


  • Touch plus or minus to increase or reduction go one point for each of the character’s attributes.
  • Only the maximum number can be used Left score.
  • Done, touch Increase point to increase character.

Game Chinhdo 24 tang - Emergenceingame

After finishing the tank it can be seen immediately that our War Force has increased significantly. The more attribute points are increased, the stronger the character will be. However, it is also important to pay attention to increase all attributes, should not only increase mainly one or two of the attributes.

Game Chinhdo 25 diem - Emergenceingame

When you reach a certain level, a new feature will open up, such as learning skills.

Game Chinhdo 26 skill - Emergenceingame

Here we can also use it Skill score (Similar to Attribute Points) to increase other skills for the character such as: Truy Tinh Tien, Thiet Ao Khai, Shen Speed, Lac Nhat Cung …). These skills will vary depending on the character you choose to play in.

Can be based on suggestion Nominations to Learn new skills either Level up for the already got up higher skills.

Game Chinhdo 27 done - Emergenceingame

One thing is quite interesting, is that Chinh Do 1 Mobile also allows us create 4 more characters other (in addition to the character created). That means if you want, you can play with all 5 characters with 5 different sects at the same time. Just touch Create and perform the same steps as the first part of this tutorial to create new characters.

Game Chinhdo 16 doi - Emergenceingame

Another thing to note, that is, every time you play the game, you will have to log in to your account (because the game has no memo feature and is also for your convenience when you want to change accounts, change characters. other).

These are the basic instructions for beginners, will not be able to introduce all the features because the swordplay game, the historical game is a game genre with a lot of items, icons and wide features that can only be played. , you can discover them all. Not to mention that each player will have different styles, preferences, and fighting styles, so a detailed introduction is not possible. Download the game to play and experience more for yourself!

Wish you have fun and entertaining moments!

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