Command an army of Robots sweeping the world in PvP Game Astracraft

Chi huy dao quan Robot can quet the gioi trong Game PvP Astracraft3837c17d6c5cd369 - Emergenceingame

Astracrafta real-time combat mobile game, the fruit of a collaboration between NetEase Games and game developer Payload Studios. The game has been released globally, on both Google Play and the App Store. What makes Astracraft unique is that players can experience both creativity and combat at the same time – a refreshing combination in the mobile game “playground”.

In Create Mode, players can use a variety of modules and map editing tools to express their ideas. Players can freely change Robots, battleships, and even build worlds and maps at will. Imagination is the only factor limiting players in Astracraft.

As for Battle Mode, the player can command the Robot to fight in any situation. Robots can be upgraded by collecting modules and avoiding storms in Storm mode, or teaming up and fighting in King of the Hill mode to capture and defend power towers.

In addition, Astracraft also owns two other interesting modes, Race and Party. Race mode allows players to get behind their favorite cars and beat other racers using skills and items on the road. When in Party mode, players can maneuver their favorite Robot to score goals on the field or avoid obstacles in other minis.


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