Music game company accused of stealing money from musicians for 2 years in a row

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Last week, the company Materia Collectivewhich is best known for producing music for games like Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts and Celestewas accused of hiding money music copyright. Detail musician Writing for Celeste, Mello has stated on Twitter that he and at least three other members have not received payment for their work from Celeste as of July 2019.


Soon, other musicians spoke out against Materia. Laura Intravia, who produced music for Destiny 2 and Mortal Kombat 11, claims she hasn’t received a paycheck for 13 months – while Alex Parish, the ZED composer, has not heard from Materia since. when her album was released in July 2019.

“I know that five out of seven musicians on the Celeste project are in the same situation as me. We all just received tax forms and personal information from the company, and every single one of us,” Mello said. communication stops there. I have seen many other people who have worked for Materia and have been in a similar situation, at least twelve musicians have been affected.”​


The Materia Collective company apologized to Mello and the musicians involved and emailed more explaining the current situation that their internal “Dashboard Materia” is no longer in charge of tracking accounts. royalty fee and all musicians will be fully compensated by mid-February. The minimum payout threshold has also been lowered to ensure every musician gets paid.

Materia Collective said it is suspending all other activities until this issue is resolved. In the meantime, Materia encourages musicians with similar problems to contact via the website [email protected] But even if the royalty issue is fixed, the damage to Materia Collective’s reputation will still be there.


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