Before launching the pitch, the top game Gears 5 was mercilessly “killed” by China

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After 3 years of waiting, now Gear of War – one of the best-selling game series in Microsoft history is back with a brand new version, Gear 5. While the world gaming village is excitedly waiting until September 10 to experience the super product directly, the Chinese gamer community has to receive not very happy news – the Steam version of Gear. 5 has been banned in this country. Accordingly, The Coalition will suspend all sales, pre-orders as well as delay the release of Gear 5 in China.


The announcement was posted on Steam by TC Octus – Senior Community Manager of The Coalition with the following content:


Neither The Coalition nor Steam have given a specific reason or mentioned when the Gear 5 will be back for sale. However, we all know that releasing games in China is not an easy task. In addition to the strict censorship policy, Steam is also said to be blocked in China although it is still available and widely used now, and no one knows why. Even the fact that Valve announced a partnership with Perfect World to launch a separate Chinese version of Steam made the situation even more chaotic.


The game has been ordered, the money has been paid, the release date is near, this message is really like a “cold water” thrown in the face. Chinese gamers make them angry and bewildered. A series of negative comments are flooding the forums but at this point, they can’t do anything but wait.

After days of anticipation, it’s disappointing that a blockbuster like Gear 5 is in trouble right before its release. Hopefully The Coalition will soon solve this problem and bring the game back in the future.​

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