Bless Mobile – Register now for the Korean graphic masterpiece that is about to launch on Mobile

Bless Mobile Dang ky ngay sieu pham do hoa Han Quoc sap chao san Mobile1902b53f6052e19f - Emergenceingame

Publisher Joycity recently announced the pre-registration period of MMORPG mobile coming to global soon, Bless Online. The game has been beta released in Singapore, Malaysia, Australia and the Philippines since December 2020. Based on the PC MMORPG Bless Online, Bless Mobile bring players to the lively Hieron and Union country with many mythological elements; which is full of pitfalls that make up the name of this RPG franchise.


Bless Mobile’s strength lies in the extremely intensive character creation. Players can choose between four races and five schools. Character creation is supported by a friendly user interface that makes it easy for players to adjust their character’s appearance or choose from available customization options.

Bless Mobile’s combat system moves from the traditional point-and-click interface to a dynamic, movement-oriented combat system. The character’s attack range depends on the weapon used and the range of motion. The skills in Bless Mobile are all great, powerful attacks with a special style and a bit of variation close to the hack and Slash element that make battles always interesting.


Taking down enemies and bosses in Bless Mobile is an impressive experience. Players can have full control over their character’s actions or simply set the game to auto mode. The game promises to bring a lot of content, a large open world, copies with many modes and life activities such as fishing, collecting and mining. In addition, the diverse PvP mode with many challenges is sure to attract the participation of many players and guilds.


Readers can pre-register Bless Online on Appstore and CHPlay.​

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