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M4A1 is one of the rifle guns that many gunners love because of its stability as well as not too much recoil when shooting. The upgraded versions of the M4A1 continue to promote the strengths of this gun line, so it also becomes the desire of CFL gunners. Most especially, the VIP version of M4A1 is always sought after by many gunners. Most recently, M4A1-VIP Angel appeared in the 100 Gem rotation, which is extremely convenient for gunners to own this VIP item. On this occasion, let’s take a look at the power of all the M4A1 VIP versions available on the CFL battlefield.


Let’s take a look M4A1-Angel has just been updated to the in-game rotation. This is a gun that is being sought after by the community in recent times.

An ST and M4A1-Angel in the fight against zombies

M4A1-Transformers: Needless to say much more about this version of M4A1, beautiful in appearance and terrifying in power. One of the most loved weapons on the CFL battlefield.

When Tien Xinh Trai got her M4A1-Transformers

M4A1-Beast A beautiful gun from every angle with fast reload speed, smooth firing, high accuracy, power and top penetration.

Win Bieu Use M4A1 when playing C4 bomb

M4A1-Born Beast is the next generation of the M4A1-S Beast series with unique skin, cool fire eyes, and stronger parameters.

ABCT36 uses M4A1-Born Beast to play the Cargo Squadron Battle map

M4A1-Predator is a destructive version of the M4A1-S specifically designed to fight zombies. The gun is equipped with a large magazine, aggressive appearance and increased firepower in Zombie mode. Exclusively for brave zombie hunters.

M4A1-Predator is extremely powerful in the hands of Tuong Tran

M4A1-Jewelry is one of the weapons with the most luxurious appearance in the CFL. In particular, there is a rose branch inside the gun body, accompanied by a tiny chibi girl with red hair and big round glittering eyes that looks very cute lying on her chin right at the loading position that will definitely make The gunners enjoy, especially the female snipers.

Powerful CFM hand in hand with the M4A1-Jewelry

Above are 06 M4A1 VIP guns present on the current CFL battlefield. Each version has its own terrifying power with its own strengths, its own additional effects. Depending on the preferences as well as the purpose of use of each person, choose the appropriate version for you. Have you owned any M4A1 VIP version yet? Let’s join the CFL battle!

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