Reporter 2 – Suffocate the blood vessels with the scariest game in Mobile

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If you love the genre horror game on Mobile you must have heard of it once Agaming+, the development team behind the most haunting games on mobile. Long series Mental Hospital is a prime example when it once “devoured” so many thin hearts, pierced so many chests with crazy fear conveyed to the Mobile screen.


Continuing its dark journey, Agaming+ continues to greet the field Reporter 2, the sequel to the horror masterpiece that once devoured gamers. Officially available on Mobile, Reporter 2 is ready for readers to download and enjoy the most beautiful and haunting graphics in the mobile gaming village.


Reporter 2 continues the journey to follow the unnamed protagonist when he fortunately survived and escaped from the ghost hospital in the previous part. But after returning to his normal life, he suddenly received a mysterious call about something that will happen within the next “7 days”. Since that call, he has been constantly falling into a panic attack. nightmare where a mysterious girl keeps following her every step.. Under the sunlight, the fear of ghosts is still growing day by day. He knew that if he didn’t do something right away, death would knock on the door again.


Put the player in a first-person perspective, Reporter 2 Dive into the exploration and puzzle elements to pave the way to the next. With a handheld camera, you will rummage through the dark and collect items that are important in activating a mechanism or opening a door blocking the exit. Of course, lurking behind every corner, every corridor, every stairway .. are monstrous entities born from your own dreams. If you can’t run away from them, dying in a dream is dying in real life.

If you don’t believe, if you think you’re brave enough, if you want to see what Reporter 2 can do with your mind.. then download the game for free directly here:

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