Stunned at the gamer’s skills as a real-life killer

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The virtual world seems to be a great place to discover the skills hidden deep inside the player’s body. Not that the famous Esports athletes or Youtubers are ready to show their speed and reflexes beyond the average person, which has no chance to manifest in real life.

StealthGamerBR is one of such names when he always amazes viewers with his crazy moves in the game. The words Dishonored, Metal Gear Solid DRAW, Far Cry 4 until HitmanStealthGamerBR is revered as a master of titles secret action game.


With Dishonored 2, this YouTuber continues to display his superior skill set with lightning-fast moves and math scenes that make viewers gasp. The good thing about StealthGamerBR videos is that he always performs very creative enemy kills, combining environmental factors and weapons in his hand to make the enemy spin like a pinwheel. If you do not believe you can watch the latest gameplay that StealthGamerBR made with Dishonored 2 right here:

This video was made in Stage 6 in the Dust District of Dishonored 2 – one of the most varied levels in the game. Using the character Emily and her ability to memorize the map, StealthGamerBR moves with incredible speed and kills enemies with speed like bullets. It’s true to watch him develop his skills gamer it feels like watching an action movie with crazy happenings… robbing every breath, every heartbeat of the viewer.


As mentioned, Dishonored 2 is not the only game for StealthGamerBR to “use martial arts”, but countless other super products like Hitman or Metal Gear Solid V also let this gamer go wild. If you want to continue to admire this player’s sword development in the future, you can “subscribe” now.


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