Gal Gadot will quit the role if the “blue beard” director participates in the production of Wonder Woman 2

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Recently, film producer Brett Ratner has been repeatedly accused of sexually harassing and sexually abusing many female Hollywood stars. But Warner Bros. have a plan to cooperate with the company RatPac-Dune Ent. by Brett Ratner to produce Wonder Woman. The heroine of the film – Gal Gadot expressed her displeasure and stated that she would refuse to continue playing the role Wonder Woman in part 2 if Warner if there is still the presence of “blue beard” Brett Ratner.


According to the New York Post, Warner Bros. revealed that based on the sales of Wonder Woman, Brett Ratner and his company have “earned” a large amount of money from this cooperation. Which part 1 Wonder Woman also rely on the investment of Brett Ratner to be able to launch. So now Warner are facing a “dilemma” when having to choose between canceling the contract with RatPac-Dune or agree to let Gal Gadot leave. Although the contract of Warner Bros. and Brett Ratner are still valid through 2018 and have been involved in many production lines. However, Warner also said that they will not continue with Ratner’s contract and he also expressed his intention to give up the items related to Ratner. Warner Bros. The movie project Play boy about billionaire Hugh Hefner directed by him has also been shelved. So it can be said that Warner just needs to wait until the contract expires. But this will definitely affect the financial problems of the film production Wonder Woman.

Actress Ellen Page has denounced Brett Ratner for sexual abuse

But for the blockbuster Wonder Woman, this is a film about feminism, both the director, actors and production team members are mainly female. So, if you let a “blue-bearded lover” with a reputation for sexual harassment participate in this film crew, it will certainly make everyone unhappy. Since last month, Gal Gadot has expressed his attitude to Brett Ratner’s behavior on his personal Twitter page, showing that the Israeli beauty strongly condemns sexual harassment. She bluntly stated that she wanted nothing to do with him. She even said that the character Wonder Woman should punish the sexual abusers in the film. In the past time, there have been many female stars like Olivia Munn, Natasha Henstridge, Ellen Page … denounced Brett Ratner’s disgusting behavior. However, his lawyer has repeatedly denied those allegations, even suing a woman who claimed to have been abused by him.

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