EA decided to temporarily stop bleeding with the new patch of Star Wars Battlefront II

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The latest update of Star Wars Battlefront II has just had an “overhaul” with its “loot box” system. One of the problems that players have complained about the most since the game’s launch is that it’s too hard to own characters they love like Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader. The last patch of Battlefront II finally unlocked all of these characters (without the need for loot boxes).


Remembering the days when Battlefront II was released, a gamer on Reddit did the math to figure out how long it would take to unlock a hero, like the protagonist of the original Luke trilogy. Skywalker. The answer the guy received, was 40 hours of play for such a character. EA immediately spoke up to explain the reason and defend what they did. This answer later became the most downvoted comment on Reddit, forcing EA to reduce the cost of unlocking the character significantly. Of course, EA’s “fixes” have not really achieved the desired effect, and the game’s reputation is still catastrophically reduced. Today, with the latest update, Battlefront II finally allows players to use all the heroes right from the start.


“Along with this change, we are also unlocking all existing Heroes and Spaceships.”_ Mat “Sledgehammer70” Everett, EA community manager, in an official post_” All characters will now have a Unit level, we don’t want to limit anyone’s opportunity to grow, by changing the way players can interact with the characters.”


Players logging into the game today will have to download a small patch before being exposed to all of their heroes and spaceships. This patch also adds Cloud City of Bespin as a map in Blast Mode, Heroes v. Villains and Arcade Mode of the game. Additionally, the new update also unlocks the ability to collect Star Cards in the single-player Arcade Mode, giving players the chance to experiment with a variety of characters. This change is actually EA’s preparation for removing Star Cards from loot boxes as well as limiting additional costs in the game. All are aimed at rebuilding the trust in players, which they lost because of excessive greed when the game was released.

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