The father of PUBG was scolded by gamers but still calmly responded

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  1. Perhaps the publisher still has to suffer with “crazy” fans like this.

    Everyone knows PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) often encounters jerks, lags, and crashes while playing, making the gamer’s experience affected and causing much discomfort. So gamers often look to the producer’s twitter account to “discharge” to vent their anger. However, there are people who still calmly voice their suggestions for suggestions, hope PUBG fix these bugs. But someone came in and cursed the publisher with harsh words.


    Recently, Brendan Greene – the father of PUBG posted a message from the player sent to me with extremely malicious words: “I hope you die and I hope it’s more painful than dying you bastard.” Even so, the developer is probably used to receiving messages like this all the time, so he simply mocked himself: “Sometimes I get nice messages like this from fans!”. After the message was made public, many netizens also commented to comfort the developer and blame the other player for being too impatient when cursing others like that. There are also people in the profession who share that they often receive messages like this.

    PUBG Developer – Brendan Greene

    Although the fact that gamers are in the process of playing the game again encounters the phenomenon of jerks, crashes … is really annoying and affects a lot, but the player can’t because of that, scolding the publisher badly. Because after all, they are the ones who create good games for gamers. Posting a chat with the developer’s humorous sharing is said to be the most peaceful and satisfactory way to handle it. Both to make players more sympathetic towards the game publisher and also make people realize that criticizing others does not bring any results. But maybe it’s also thanks to the fan’s comments and criticisms that now PUBG has gradually become much more stable to bring the best possible experience to the players.



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