China blew the whistle on Minecraft’s mod, determined to stop plagiarism

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Report says June 2017 received complaints from game owners Minecraft, the administrative judicial delegation on the management of cultural market in Guangzhou city, Guangdong province conducted an investigation with YY company, a company specializing in providing video games in China. Authorities said the company had arbitrarily produced the mod for the Minecraft game without the permission of the owner.


With the above blatant plagiarism, so far this company has had to suffer and suffer a fine of up to 27 million yuan, a commensurate sentence for those who like to eat for free. This action of the Chinese authorities received the response of many people.


Accordingly, Minecraft was originally created by Swedish programmer Markus “Notch” Persson who developed the indie game company Mojang in May 2009. In May 2016 Netease reached an agreement with Mojang and was authorized to represent the game in the Chinese market. But then in May 2017, Netease complained that a third party had blatantly plagiarized the copyright and argued that they only put the interests of the players first.


Immediately, Netease kicked a letter requesting to stop the violation and remove the game on platforms, in July of the same year Minecraft’s mod officially stopped the recharge mode. Not only that, YY company must also send a notice to the players and tell the truth.
With the above action, it is hoped that in the future there will be many Chinese plagiarism games brought to light, protecting the rights of developers and the rights of players.​

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